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Fundraising & Grants ~ Resources

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New Grants and Fundraising ideas can be shared here. Those who want to apply must take responsibility for overseeing the Grant or Project with their group. Stay tuned for a new and revitalized "Fundraising Committee" to appear soon!


Petra hanzlik Fri 14 Jan 2022 4:33AM

Thanks again to Alison of Zero Waste Toronto for compiling and sharing this info! I got these from the TUG list serve.....some

Learning for a Sustainable Future: $500 Grant 

Monday, January 17* application deadline (*and being extended though). Funding for students and teachers to engage their school and community in sustainability Action Projects: any action that is student-led and contributes to the sustainability of the school or community, whether you’re greening your schoolyard, eliminating single-use plastics at school, motivating your community to reduce their carbon footprint or any other actions towards our sustainable future.

Carrot Cache

https://www.carrotcache.com/ | https://www.carrotcache.com/selecting-a-grant-stream  (i) Carrot Cache $500-$5K: preliminary inquiry forms due by or before Jan 17, 2022; full grant apps due Jan 31, 2022  https://www.carrotcache.com/funding-criteria-carrot-cache-funding  (ii) Nature’s Finest Fund

$5K-$15K: preliminary inquiry forms due by or before Jan 17, 2022; full grant apps due Jan 31, 2022   https://www.carrotcache.com/funding-criteria-natures-finest-fund https://www.carrotcache.com/how-to-apply-for-natures-finest-funding 

Community Food Centres Canada: Market Greens grants

Friday Jan 21 application deadline. $20K & $70K. Multi-year.

Telus Friendly Future Foundation

Thursday January 27 application deadline. Supporting local education, health or technology programs for at-risk youth.

Local food to school cafeteria grants up to $10K

Monday January 31 application deadline.

The My Main Street Community Activator Program: $25K - $250K

Tuesday February 1 application deadline. Supports local placemaking projects across southern Ontario in 2022 that make a meaningful difference in local communities, drawing people out, strengthening feelings of connection and inclusion, and spurring economic activity.


Erica May / EM Thu 20 Jan 2022 2:18PM

Susanna just brought this my way: The new Investment Readiness Program agreements are being signed in the coming weeks and it will last until March 2023. Feasibility studies, business plan drafting, strategic growth planning etc. fit within the scope of this project and thus there could be a lot of money flowing to existing or potential co-ops. 

Attached is previous funding recipients to give an idea for scope

  • East End Food Co-op (Vancouver, British Columbia)

    • Amount funded: $ 30 000

    • Project: Conduct business planning, site selection, development of an investor package, and solicitation of investments for a new community-owned co-operative grocery store operating at scale in Vancouver.

  • Sumac Community Worker Co-operative Inc. (Guelph, Ontario)

    Amount funded: $ 80 000

    Project: Create a new national Fairtrade coffee, Cafe Femenino, to further its mission as a worker-owned co-op through Planet Bean, which is owned and operated by the co-op.

  • The Round Table La Table Ronde Co-op Ltd. (Miramichi, New Brunswick)

    Amount funded: $ 40 000

    Project: Our SPO will create a regional food hub system - vertically integrated agri-food and beverage applied research site and a social enterprise incubator focused on climate change food sovereignty and product development.


Petra hanzlik Sat 22 Jan 2022 5:55AM

WoW this sounds exciting and right up our alley - thanks for bringing this to our attention and something for our new to be grant writing, funding committee to look into!