Wed 29 Apr 2020 3:31PM

Preprint Metadata

VV Victor Venema Public Seen by 114

Just came across a post with recommendations on metadata for preprints. Seem to make sense and could be useful now that we will be setting up a new server. https://www.scholcommlab.ca/2020/04/08/preprint-recommendations/

How is the new server doing? We had quite some discussions and information gathering. Is it time to start making a plan how to do this?


Bruce Caron Wed 29 Apr 2020 3:36PM

Hi Victor... Stay tuned for a bit. We'll be needing this discussion really soon!


Bruce Caron Fri 1 May 2020 4:36PM

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Srikanth Mon 11 May 2020 1:44PM

Preprint Metadata - I see opportunity to use 'Faceted Classification' of variables that are being considered. The note identifies semantic categories as below:

  1. Stage of Publication : {Unpublishes | Accepted | Published} -- There is a sub-classification suggested that will create a hierarchy and can be substituted with a clear entry

  2. Links to other records - is just information not a classification variable

  3. Revision History: {Original-Submission | Meta-data Changes | Cosmetic Changes | Minor Change | Major Change} -- It reads neat but I see some mixed classes here. I see the following as tighter. Revision History : {Original (implied) | Metadata Change| Text/Figures/Presentation Change | Data Change| Inference Change | References Change}

  4. Author UID - is just information not a classification variable

Faceted Classification in Earth Sciences is an area of my personal interest. It is far the most flexible and structured method of classification and often not followed in Geology.



Victor Venema Mon 1 Jun 2020 12:42AM

That also sounds like a good system. When in comes to the revision history, I do would find it informative to know whether a change is minor (just some polishing of the language) or major (new ideas, paragraphs).