Wed 19 Dec 2018 2:43PM

The tyrrany of structurelessness

LF Lewis Flude Public Seen by 40

Hey guys! I've been quiet for a while, but came across this article which I thought you all might find interesting and highly relevant!



Lewis Flude Wed 19 Dec 2018 2:44PM

I found this in the context of a large software project (Python) getting a new governance model. There's a good discussion here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18714985


Josh Fairhead Thu 20 Dec 2018 12:48PM

Is Python getting a new model then? Why is it changing? What limitations did they reach with the current one? Thanks for this :)


Josh Fairhead Thu 20 Dec 2018 12:46PM

Nice Lewis! Yeah I've read that one, spot on - very much the sentiment of this verse/song: https://youtu.be/WMYC4XSMxyg?t=194


Josh Fairhead Thu 20 Dec 2018 12:57PM

In fact now I think about it I believe it was @kaliyaidentitywoman that showed me that one :p


Josh Fairhead Thu 20 Dec 2018 3:34PM

Also this is really interesting - A democratic rejection of democracy by an anarchistic organisation: https://www.evernote.com/l/AakZH-PTUGxKF7PfLXmRv6-Rp-394oro8pI


Josh Fairhead Mon 31 Dec 2018 7:10PM

@lewisflude - due to your interest in the organisation you'll love this bro - its bloody insane: https://g.co/kgs/7xHkjF. Interestingly Baqwan, King Crimson and Tool share the fractal of Gurdijeff if you care for the esoteric! Just ordered Beelzebubs letters to his grandson which is apparently uncomprehendable... if I go insane you know what happened :p


Josh Fairhead Wed 24 Apr 2019 12:47PM

This Article gets it very very well. Finally a balanced perspective!