Tue 29 Aug 2023 10:00PM

Unable to export group data as csv - Internal Server Error

MN Matt Noyes Public Seen by 78

Need to export user data in order to run a sortition process.


Robert Guthrie Thu 31 Aug 2023 2:44AM

Hi @Matt Noyes - Sorry about this. I'll look into it tomorrow.

You're welcome to send bug reports directly via the Contact Loomio form in the sidebar, if you like.

That said, I'm surprised I did not see the error report for this immediately, I'll follow it up.


Matt Noyes Thu 31 Aug 2023 3:12AM

@Robert Guthrie No worries. Thanks for looking into this.


Matt Noyes Thu 31 Aug 2023 3:39AM

to be clear, this is for social.coop


Robert Guthrie Sat 2 Sep 2023 9:47AM

@Matt Noyes - I've fixed the issue, but have not deployed it yet. Should be ready soon, I'll let you know


Robert Guthrie Mon 4 Sep 2023 1:10AM

@Matt Noyes this is fixed now. Please let me know if there is feedback about the CSV format.


Matt Noyes Mon 4 Sep 2023 1:24AM

Thank you!!