Fri 6 Nov 2020 2:54AM

MACC Orientation

J Jezzz Public Seen by 13

Creating this thread to begin collecting information, sign-up links and protocols for introducing people to MACC as in an Orientation at MACC General Assemblies. It makes sense to give people an overview that is light on details initially and follows up with them at a later date, ideally before the next scheduled Organizing Assembly.


Jezzz Fri 6 Nov 2020 3:08AM

Give people a general history of MACC, idea of the structure, expectations of members and answer questions.

  • Ask people to read and affirm their agreement with the Safer Spaces Agreement and Conflict Resolution and Accountability Process (CRAP).

  • If people do not wish to make a commitment, they can find out about our public events and sign up for our public email announcements here: https://macc.nyc/join

After people confirm their agreement to Safer Spaces, you should invite them to: