Wed 17 Mar 2021 9:03PM

Deciding how to decide

RB Ruth Blackshaw Public Seen by 7

Hi everyone,
As discussed on WhatsApp, we could use Loomio to clarify key points in the white paper that require a group decision and to ask all to share their input before 12 noon CET tomorrow, Thursday. Sorry for the short turnaround, let's try?

First, we need to decide how to decide. I would propose that we use threads to kick off the issue and either use votes to select among options where relevant or to either agree, disagree or block a proposal where a proposal is made. Do we want to agree % that we want to agree on these issues upfront or go with the flow? In some cases, a thread may be initiated to decide using the thread itself. Please feel free to propose additional threads, ask clarifying questions etc.



Michaela Markova Thu 18 Mar 2021 6:19AM

Let's go with the flow:) I already voted and I find it really cool, thanks for suggesting Loomio for this Ruth!


Simon Bettighofer Thu 18 Mar 2021 8:28AM

I also think it's good to go with the flow!


Eleonora Gatti Thu 18 Mar 2021 9:32AM

Thank you so much Ruth for all of this! Works super well! I think we are getting there in terms of agreement!


Akash K P Thu 18 Mar 2021 9:34AM

Let's go with the flow!


Eleonora Gatti Thu 18 Mar 2021 9:37AM

We have to decide on all the language before the document goes to design, otherwise it will be hell trying to change things later on-- I do not quite understand what it means ''go with the flow''. ....:)-


Ruth Blackshaw Mon 22 Mar 2021 4:11PM

sorry missed this comment @Eleonora Gatti ! the question was regarding whether we needed to set specific terms for when a decision would "count" here in Loomio - e.g. we have to have unanimous agreement on title to take that title or is 50% enough etc. I think general sentiment was to "go with the flow" (i.e. not pre-decide on such criteria). Most decisions were quite clear, will flag any remaining question marks and maybe we can quickly cover in team meeting today?