Wed 1 Nov 2017 2:43PM

External Communication of PPBe

RVE Renaud Van Eeckhout Public Seen by 56

I don't think we already have a topic or a workgroup about this.

[FR] [NL below]

Je pense que définir une communication externe est une tâche assez compliquée, et beaucoup d'entre nous ont déjà les mains pleines, mais je pense que ça vaut la peine de quand même essayer de trouver quelques éléments solides sur lesquels baser notre communication.

Les canaux de communication :
Nous avons de nombreux canaux de communication (voir ici : https://wiki.pirateparty.be/ITNow) et je me demande aussi s'il ne faut pas supprimer notre compte Twitter. Il semble très inactif, avec très peu de réactions malgré 3.000 followers. On a déjà l'alternative Mastodon qui est bien installée et qui tourne (merci à l'IT !).

Le message pirate :
J'ai vu dernièrement quelques images publiées par les pirates qui semblaient en contradiction avec nos valeurs. Je propose qu'on essaie de définir quelques critères pour encadrer notre communication.

Il s'agit bien de la communication vers le monde extérieur, pas de la communication entre pirates. Ne confondons donc pas.

[NL MT][FR above]

Ik denk dat het definiëren van een externe communicatie een nogal gecompliceerde taak is en velen van ons hebben al onze handen vol, maar ik denk dat het de moeite waard is om te proberen een solide basis te vinden voor onze communicatie.

We hebben veel communicatiekanalen (zie hier: https://wiki.pirateparty.be/ITNow) en ik vraag me ook af of we ons Twitteraccount niet moeten verwijderen. Het schijnt zeer inactief te zijn, met zeer weinig reacties ondanks 3.000 volgelingen. We hebben al het Mastodon alternatief dat goed is geïnstalleerd en draait (dankzij IT!).

Het piratenbericht:
Ik heb kortgeleden enkele beelden van piraten gezien die in tegenspraak lijken te zijn met onze waarden. Ik stel voor dat we proberen een aantal criteria te definiëren om onze mededeling vorm te geven.

Dit is communicatie naar de buitenwereld, geen communicatie tussen hackers. Laten we het dus niet door elkaar halen.


Ilja Sat 4 Apr 2020 3:31PM

FYI, We are currently going over the projects that are still considered "Active" on the wiki. The idea is to close projects that aren't actually active any more so we get a better overview of projects that are actually open and work on them[1].

One of teh projects that was still open is https://wiki.pirateparty.be/MissionStatement and this loomio thread was stated as a contact, so here we are :)

Since it didn't seem it's still active, it has now been closed. Is this OK? If not, feel free to reactivate or let me know so we can put it back to Active.

If the project is still active it may be interesting to add more info to the page so that it is more clear what the project exactly does and in what stage it is.

[1] https://www.loomio.org/d/S8o21axX

Kind regards,


Renaud Van Eeckhout Fri 20 Mar 2020 2:09PM

Could one admin of the Facebook page please share this? https://www.facebook.com/valentin.dirken/posts/10218934781134417 It's a call for creating respirators (under a GPL License) that our hospitals will need very quickly.

If you're not an admin but have a FB account, can you ask this to the admins directly on FB? I don't know if they come here.


Lander Meeusen Thu 5 Dec 2019 3:11PM

As an active contributor on the Antwerp Pirates Page on Facebook, I'd like to add my two cents.

I agree with Michel that FB is an indispensible marketing tool to get our message out to a wider audience. (I disagree with his ironic way of arguing, however.) I would argue that we gravely underuse it.

On the other hand, I also share Reinaud's worries about the management of our public page. In the Antwerp group we apply the 3-pirate-rule. We have a chat and a closed page where people can propose a post. If 2 pirates endorse it with a +1 and if there's no other opposition, it can be posted on the public page. This seems to be working pretty well, so far, in my opinion.

The rules for posting something on the PPBE-page could be different or similar. For instance it has to be discussed here on Loomio or another accessible place. (For me, for instance, the Labs are tricky to attend and the chat on what's-the-website is very dull, so I don't consider that an accessible place.) It needs 3 pirates, it needs a vote, ... That's something worth talking about.


[deactivated account] Wed 4 Dec 2019 10:05PM

Go ahead Renaud, close the Facebook page, the encephalogram of the party is almost flat anyway, give the final blow.

This way, there is no chance of having a mainstream communication channel or beating the fire with fire. Keep Belgian pirates further away from other European pirate parties.


Renaud Van Eeckhout Mon 2 Dec 2019 3:47PM

Hello @Christophe Cop (I'm tagging you because apparently you're one of the admins of the PPBe Facebook page).

I brought an issue saturday at the lab to discuss about. It's the Facebook page of PPBe. As I can see, it's almost completely inactive since months. Also, I feel (but I might be wrong?) that there is a huge gap between people who administer that page and people who are active at the Labs and/or on Loomio.

This might be problematic as we might, for example, decide here or at the Lab to launch an active campaign against GAFAM, and at the same time, maybe the Facebook page admins will launch a campaign to invite people to join/like/comment the page, which would be the same as shooting ourselves in the foot. Or we would invest a lot of energy in a series of articles to publish on our website and they would not be relayed on Facebook.

Also, I don't recall people joining us or becoming active Pirates thanks to Facebook in recent time.

So I'm curious to know what your views are on what we should do, what the other admins think/want to do. Do you have any plans on your side about this specific Facebook page? What is the use of keeping that page? I'm trying to bridge a gap here.


Renaud Van Eeckhout Sun 3 Mar 2019 1:58PM

Merci :)


[deactivated account] Sat 2 Mar 2019 11:18PM



[deactivated account] Sat 2 Mar 2019 8:13PM

OK, I will do it.


Renaud Van Eeckhout Sat 2 Mar 2019 11:52AM

Could someone who has access to the PPBe Facebook page please share this article : https://fr.pirateparty.be/vie-privee-carton-rouge-pour-les-services-publics/ ?

It's getting more & more complicated to have a connection between the people working internally and this page, it's about time we start phasing out :sweat_smile:


Renaud Van Eeckhout Fri 1 Mar 2019 2:51PM

For the French-speaking side only :

Je suis en train de mettre à jour le listing des contacts médias. C'est utile au moment d'envoyer des communiqués (parce que refaire le listing à chaque fois est fastidieux).

Pour le moment, j'ai donc un document .ods (un tableur), avec plusieurs pages :
- une page Belgique francophone généraliste (par ex. Le Soir, la RTBF)
- une page pour chaque province francophone + Bruxelles (par ex. La Gazette de Liège, TVCom...)
- un début de pages pour plusieurs thématiques (par ex. NURPA dans la page Numérique)

Je vous invite à contribuer en rajoutant sur ce pad tous les médias dont vous avez connaissance et qu'il serait intéressant selon vous de rajouter à la liste : https://pad.pirateparty.be/p/listing-presse-fr

Rappel donc : ici je demande juste pour la partie "Belgique francophone", pas les médias locaux, ni les médias spécialisés. Ca viendra après :)

Merci de vos contributions !


Renaud Van Eeckhout Fri 1 Mar 2019 2:53PM

3 months silence would probably mean "99% of us don't care, you're the 1% who does care, so do whatever you would like to do with it" :D

(we do crossposting Mastodon -> Twitter with our Liège account, I regularly check the account to see the notifications - because if there is an account, there is a responsibility to check it, but nothing ever happens anymore there anyway)


Ilja Sun 18 Nov 2018 4:43PM

Somewhere in this thread (I think) I asked to not scratch the twitteraccount since I was writing a bridge to bridge both the Mastodon account and twitter account and all the comments. While doing that I noticed the hostility that lives on Twitter so I deleted my repo and the code 'cause I don't wanna bring that to fedi. All of this happened a while ago, but it leaves the question what to do with the Twitter account.
* We could scratch it
* We could see if we can get someone active on it
* We could automatically post the messages from the Mastodon account
* ...

Personally I like the idea of posting from Mastodon to twitter and link back to the Mastodon post from it (exposure for both PPBE and the fediverse). The potantial problem I see is that flamewars may start on the twitter-side that we won't know of.
Is there anyone who has strong oppinions about this? Or ideas how to migitate this potential problem?

I see three possible options
1. Dissable replies on Twitter. I'm not sure if that is possible, but if it is, that would be great.
2. Have an active moderator on Twitter. The question then is who. This'll take time+needs to be someone everybody trusts will do a good job about it.
3. Post the replies back to Mastodon through an account specific for this. These replies could be unlisted. That way everyone who wants can follow that specific account to have an idea of what's going on (you could also follow it over RSS if you don't have a fedi account). If something goes wrong someone will still need to go on Twitter and interfere, but it's more passive. A problem is that only direct answers and posts where ppbe are tagged will be posted to the fediverse.

The Twitter account then should have it clearly in the discription that it's a bot + have contact information (fedi-account, email...). These are things I should be able to set up, so setup isn't an issue. The issue is really what way to go.


Renaud Van Eeckhout Thu 18 Oct 2018 8:43AM

Hello, please don't close any accounts, we will take them over from you

Who's "we"?

I think it's important to stay visually present

But these page are from crews that don't exist anymore, since years. So, more important than visibility, is to have functioning crews, I guess?

Some of these abandoned crews' pages become a pretext for some pirates to spread their very personal point of view without any internal discussion. Or some pages pretend to be pirate crews supporting another political party (for example Roeselare).


Jelle Debusscher Thu 18 Oct 2018 7:37AM

Hello, please don't close any accounts, we will take them over from you. I think it's important to stay visually present, also on Twitter and FB. This does not confine other initiatives, on the contrary.
I would like to propose to extend the pirateparty.be site with seperate pages for the crews as a sort of service and means of contact.
Secondly we would like to restyle and restart the Pirate Times, but I'll keep that for a seperate post - positive news of the pirates should be documented and shared !


Ilja Thu 27 Sep 2018 5:40PM

I like the idea of inviting them to Fedi :)
I guess they could also follow other FB pages, but those won't be maintained by the same people which means you prob can't really ensure quality anyhow, so let's not do that :relieved:


Renaud Van Eeckhout Wed 26 Sep 2018 9:15PM

I'm closing my personal Facebook account in the next days, so are there people willing to take over these Facebook pages?
- Ostbelgien (178 fans)
- Charleroi (221 fans)

For other pages I'm still admin, there are still other admins apparently.

If nobody is volunteering, I suggest we close them and invite the people interested to come here and on Mastodon (it's more than a suggestion actually, I have to close the pages or find admins to delete my account).


Josse Wed 7 Mar 2018 11:23PM

Maybe we can integrate the smiley in the organisational image on our website:
https://parrot.pirateparty.be (dare to give security exception)


Danny SG | La Louvière Pirate Wed 21 Feb 2018 7:45AM

This make sense for me... and the smiley is a good communication symbol ! :)


[deactivated account] Fri 9 Feb 2018 3:37PM

Sounds good to me!


Renaud Van Eeckhout Fri 9 Feb 2018 2:15PM

[EN][FR plus bas]

Hello. In parallel to the work in progress on our website (and the story we tell), I thought about another aspect of our external communication. I wanted to answer 2 different questions, and I ended up having one answer that answered both :
* How do we symbolize a pirate? We already have a symbol for our group, the logo of the Pirate Party, but nothing for an individual pirate. We (too) often use the Guy Fawkes' mask, but I feel it's inappropriate to use the same symbol as Anonymous.
* How do we do to communicate our events outside, for example by publishing on social media group photos of our events (GA, crew meetings, drinks etc), without bothering each person's privacy?

Also, I wanted something that had a meaning, that actually carried values (?) or a history that we could relate to.

So I thought, what about the smiley?

  • Its history is related to copyright, as some of its authors let it fall into public domain, while others put a copyright on it (with all the usual legal battles afterwards). Pirate topic.
  • It's related with a Belgian music style, New Beat, which is basically : sampling music, remixing it, having success, get censored. So Pirate topics.
  • It's also one of the symbols of internet, as we all used these smileys in our online chats. Pirate topic.

I used the smiley that is available on Wikimedia Commons and edited it to add the eye-patch (so everyone thinks instantly "pirate" when seeing it), changed the yellow colour, and made the border much thicker (it's now the same border as the border on our Pirate Party logo).

I think it's easy to add these faces on group photos now, and make people notice it.

Comments welcome :slight_smile:


Parallèlement au travail en cours sur notre site (et l'histoire que nous racontons), j'ai réfléchi à un autre aspect de notre communication externe. Je voulais répondre à deux questions différentes, et j'ai fini par avoir une réponse qui répondait aux deux à la fois :

  • Comment symbolisons-nous un·e pirate? Nous avons déjà un symbole pour notre groupe, le logo du Parti Pirate utilise souvent le masque de Guy Fawkes, mais je trouve inapproprié d'utiliser le même symbole que Anonymous lorsqu'il s'agit de représenter un individu.
  • Comment faire pour communiquer nos événements à l'extérieur, par exemple en publiant sur les médias sociaux des photos de groupe de nos événements (AG, réunions de crews, drinks, etc.), sans mettre en danger la vie privée de chacun·e ?

De plus, je voulais quelque chose qui ait un sens, qui porte des valeurs (?) ou une histoire à laquelle nous pourrions nous référer.

Alors je me suis dit, pourquoi pas le smiley?

  • Son histoire est liée à des questions de droit d'auteur, puisque certains de ses auteurs l'ont laissé dans le domaine public, tandis que d'autres lui ont attribué un copyright (avec toutes les batailles juridiques habituelles par la suite). Sujet pirate.
  • C'est lié à un style de musique belge, New Beat, qui est fondamentalement: du sampling de musique déjà existante, des remix, du succès, et de la censure. Des sujets pirates.
  • C'est aussi un des symboles de l'internet, car nous avons tou·te·s utilisé ces smileys dans nos chats en ligne. Univers pirate.

J'ai utilisé le smiley qui est disponible sur Wikimedia Commons et l'ai édité pour ajouter le patch (ainsi tout le monde pense instantanément "pirate" en le voyant), j'ai changé la couleur jaune, et j'ai rendu la bordure du cercle beaucoup plus épaisse (elle est maintenant la même que celle de notre logo Pirate Party).

Je pense qu'il est facile d'ajouter ces visages sur les photos de groupe maintenant, et de les faire remarquer.

Laissez des comm's ! :slight_smile:


HgO Sat 27 Jan 2018 6:49PM

Thanks again for the work @josse !

Here is already the report from the lab : https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Pirate_Lab/Meeting/27_01_2018#Website ;)


[deactivated account] Sat 27 Jan 2018 2:39PM

I have been quite busy this end/beginning of year. New job etc.

Thanks again for keeping the ball rolling.
My first impression is really positive.
I will have a look and reply with concrete ideas this weekend on a pad.
Wish you all a good lab. Will be joining the next one, it was just not possible this time.


Josse Tue 23 Jan 2018 10:13PM

@begoniasaavedraiba The 2 pages I scotched together as a demo website. It is a bit different from what is discussed earlier, so I would like you and others to see if you can agree with the idea. I put the 4 values upfront and changed the initial question (although the idea remains the same) I put the text also in the pad https://pad.pirateparty.be/p/website-mockup I am looking forward to discussing it further in the piratelab on Saturday.


Josse Mon 15 Jan 2018 9:01PM


Josse Mon 15 Jan 2018 9:00PM

For the website, I updated https://parrot.pirateparty.be/ (just Proceed in the danger zone), with a slightly different beginning I would like you to consider. I am still in the search of a way to put HTML content below, so we could easily add a schematic for the other sections. Or maybe I need to copypaste images and just create mock-up for Sunday.


Jan De Neys Fri 5 Jan 2018 7:06PM

Hallo Josse,

Voor het moment ben ik met vakantie. Eind februari lijkt me prima.

Vriendelijke groet,

Jan De Neys


[deactivated account] Mon 11 Dec 2017 11:03AM

Yes... I did understand that!


Renaud Van Eeckhout Sun 10 Dec 2017 9:47PM

Oh but the flow on the wiki and the interview are not related projects (but they're both part of the external communication). The flow in the wiki/pad is how we will structure the content on the homepage of the website, so that visitors will read a story when they discover it.


[deactivated account] Sun 10 Dec 2017 8:53PM

Actually, when I read the "flows" you wrote on the wiki, I tought a decision-making tree could do the job. See the example.


Renaud Van Eeckhout Sun 10 Dec 2017 1:56PM

Can you detail your proposition? I don't see what you mean exactly (and why it should be done INSTEAD of the questions, also :D )


[deactivated account] Sun 10 Dec 2017 10:58AM

What about a decision-making tree instead of the questions?


Renaud Van Eeckhout Sat 9 Dec 2017 8:23PM


The meeting report for today's meeting in Mechelen is on the wiki.

About the interviews, thank you @bobrappe for your input on the pad. Although I believe that the questions 1, 3 & 4 are more questions that we need to ask ourselves internally. It's probably not relevant stuff for the people outside the Pirate Party who would read it. But we'll find a decent set of questions :)

Le compte rendu de la réunion d'aujourd'hui à Malines est sur le wiki.

Au sujet des interview, merci @bobrappe pour ta contributionsur le pad. Bien que je crois que les questions 1,3 & 4 sont plus de questions que nous devons nous poser en interne. Ce n'est probablement pas pertinent pour les gens en dehors du Parti Pirate qui le liraient. Mais on va trouver un set de questions décent :)


Josse Sat 2 Dec 2017 3:23PM

You are not the first with ideas about interviews. Makes me think about the interview with Wouter Hillaert (Hart boven hard). Meanwhile, I updated the https://piratelab.odoo.com a little bit, hoping it gives you some extra ideas for next Saturday.


Renaud Van Eeckhout Tue 28 Nov 2017 5:27PM

[Français plus bas]

So, some work has been done about the website at this weekend's lab, and will continue the 09/12/2017 in Mechelen (rebooting at the same time the Com-X project).

I have a project to propose : Pirate Interview.

A simple way to produce content that can be shared outside the PPBe is to make interviews of ourselves. Basically, we create a set of 5-10 questions (always the same for each interview), such as "Why are you a Pirate?", "What does your dream society look like?", "What is your biggest fear?", and the interviewed Pirate will then answer each of these questions. If we have enough volunteers, we can publish one interview like that each week. It's not too much work as most work is done by the interviewed pirate.

If you're in, the first step is to create the set of questions, which you can do on the pad : https://pad.pirateparty.be/p/pirate-interview

[FR : human translation]

Du travail a déjà été accompli sur le site site web au Lab de ce weekend, et va être poursuivi le 09/12/2017 à Malines (c'est un reboot en même temps du projet Com-X).

J'ai un projet à proposer : Interview Pirate.

Une façon simple de produire du contenu qui peut être partagé en-dehors du PPBe est de faire des interviews de nous-mêmes. En gros, on crée un set de 5-10 questions (le même set à chaque interview), telles que "Pourquoi es-tu un(e) Pirate ?", "A quoi ressemble la société dont tu rêves ?", "Quelles sont tes plus grosses craintes ?", et le/la Pirate interviewé·e répondra alors à chacune de ces questions. Si on a assez de volontaires (on en a déjà une poignée à Liège), on peut publier une interview chaque semaine. Ce n'est pas trop de travail vu que le gros du travail est effectué par les personnes qui répondent à l'interview.

Si vous êtes partants, le premier pas est de créer le set de questions, ce que vous pouvez faire sur le pad : https://pad.pirateparty.be/p/pirate-interview


HgO Fri 10 Nov 2017 7:28PM

Somehow related to this topic : I started a thread about the newsletter


Josse Tue 7 Nov 2017 9:14PM

@vanecx This idea is absolutely only at the very beginning, but I think we need to dare to tell a story. And the fact as a pirate that you tell you want to be in control of ourselves (which is opposite and not), is a trigger to wanting to read that story. I would say: onszelf in controle (of in controle van onszelf), en contrôle de nous(-même), because it is double. I would like to avoid onder controle or sous contrôle.


[deactivated account] Fri 10 Nov 2017 6:11PM

By cycle, I had the below steps in mind:
* brainstorming on a topic;
* as a group, selecting the ideas that we think could best represent the PPBe;
* finally, work on structuring the message.
Run a cycle per topic perhaps? In any case the suggestion was done with the intent of getting everyone fully into the activity of thinking on how we'd like to come across.


Renaud Van Eeckhout Sun 5 Nov 2017 1:13PM

@begoniasaavedraiba : what do you mean exactly with "discussions developed as cycles"? For the target points, you can propose yours already on the pad of next lab (in Mechelen) : https://pad.pirateparty.be/p/Piratelab2017-November

@josse : I think your idea is nice, and it could somehow replace the current homepage of the wordpress. I'm just worried about 2 things :

  • the proposed solutions seem to differ from our basic text (for example, Basic Income is just put as "we should investigate on basic income and try experimenting", while in your proposal it's a central solution)

  • I'm not sure about the word "control" and how we will translate that in french/dutch and still make it sound cool enough.


Josse Sun 5 Nov 2017 11:44AM

I did an example for a website around a better external slogan "In control of ourselves". https://piratelab.odoo.com I put also on the pad of the next piratelab. And I know the colors, ... are not very pirate, it is about the idea.


Paul Bossu Fri 3 Nov 2017 7:06PM

---------- Message transféré ----------
De : "Larose75" Larose75@partipirate.org
Date : 31 oct. 2017 12:01 PM
Objet : Re: [pp-eu] Press release in EN for the Czech parliamentary elections
À : marketa.gregorova@pirati.cz
Cc : pp-eu@lists.pp-international.net


here for the french version

https://pad.pirati.cz/p/00lejVh9V7 ( https://pad.pirati.cz/p/00lejVh9V7 )

and gg ;-)

Le 31/10/2017 à 12:27,
marketa.gregorova@pirati.cz a écrit :

Heyyo everyone!

I'm sorry for this delay - but we have finished our English press
release concerning the Czech parliamentary elections, so if you
want to share it/quote it/everything it on your websites or social
networks, feel free! The whole text for copy purposes can be found
in this pad:

https://pad.pirati.cz/p/r.f4c24297d92282acd042249cc75e59ca ( https://pad.pirati.cz/p/r.f4c24297d92282acd042249cc75e59ca )

Please share, we care. :) And have a nice day you all!

Kind regards,

Markéta Gregorová

International Coordinator for PP-CZ

pp-eu mailing list
pp-eu@lists.pp-international.net ( pp-eu@lists.pp-international.net )
http://lists.pp-international.net/listinfo/pp-eu ( http://lists.pp-international.net/listinfo/pp-eu )

pp-eu mailing list

pp-eu@lists.pp-international.net ( pp-eu@lists.pp-international.net )

http://lists.pp-international.net/listinfo/pp-eu ( http://lists.pp-international.net/listinfo/pp-eu )


HgO Sat 4 Nov 2017 12:21AM

Sooo I managed to reset the password for the twitter account,, which means that me (and any guys from the ITSquad) can give access to the twitter account PiratesBE, on request :)


HgO Fri 3 Nov 2017 10:14PM

Good question ! I've updated the ITNow page. @pascaldk should have the admin access (I already asked him, waiting for confirmation). For my part, I have an access on this account on TweetDeck, but I'm not admin.

That would be awesome if people who are behind crew accounts could update the table on the ITNow page (same for facebook), so that we know to whom we must request access eventually ^


[deactivated account] Fri 3 Nov 2017 5:33PM

BTW Who is in charge of the Twitter account?


Josse Fri 5 Jan 2018 5:54PM

I wished I had seen your reaction before.


Josse Fri 5 Jan 2018 5:54PM

We might decide about a date for a GA on the New Year's Drink. However, we do piratelabs every last Saturday of the month. (Last Saturday of February, it should be in Mechelen) You can also find the events on our wiki: https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Main_Page Our program is not like a classical party (starting from: more transparency, support initiatives, ...) and would like to discuss with you how to bring that forward in the best way possible.


Jan De Neys Thu 28 Dec 2017 4:23PM

Before I received the invitation for the New Year's drink, I did not find a way to contact you guys. I can't be at the drink, because I am in Greece until the end of January. I would like to stand locally for the Pirates. I am a trained national and international politician and am indeed curious what the program of the Pirate Party is. When can I meet some of you (I live in Geraardsbergen) and when is the next general assembly? Kind regards, jandeneys@gmail.com


Josse Thu 2 Nov 2017 8:54PM

Ideally this would be a nice thing for a GA or the next piratelab. Several people think about a concept centered around a slogan, present it and by discussing what is good/not good, we try to find a good one. I would like to present "Pirate party: In control of ourselves. " (I like it because it sounds like: on stranger tides)


[deactivated account] Thu 2 Nov 2017 8:23PM

Everytime I speak about Pirate Party, I have the same reply: Pirate Party ? What is that ? Conclusion ? The pirate party is definitely not a top of mind party. The communication has to explain who we are and what we are fighting for. And this communication has to start ASAP. No need to wait for the elections.


Paul Bossu Thu 2 Nov 2017 7:50PM

It's like the sames problems are coming back years after years.. We have plenty of good practices on what about communication.. Look at what have done the Czech pirates since five years.. There are so much way to communicate, but you'll never find one that everybody agree.. Except the Godwin point


[deactivated account] Fri 3 Nov 2017 5:29PM

It sounds pretty sensible. It also makes sense to say that there is no one way to communicate that everyone will agree on.
So... meeting and discussing in a next pirate lab is helpful, as well as other means of exchanging ideas.
Could we create targets points we'd like to cover? Could these discussions be developed as cycles?


Valerie D. Thu 2 Nov 2017 7:40PM

since more and more communication will have eventually to come out for the next elections, we could try and define the main message of pirates for these elections on a coming lab? this means try and gather a maximum of crews then...


[deactivated account] Thu 2 Nov 2017 6:51AM

In terms of national communication, we have to stay consistant. Everything is on the home page of the web site. Keep It Simple Stupid...


Ilja Wed 1 Nov 2017 7:19PM

I'm working on a Mastodon-Twitter cross-poster. In practice this will enable us to post to both Mastodon and Twitter and follow up on these posts from one central place (which will obviously be Mastodon ;) ). So please don't throw away the twitter account just yet ;)


Josse Wed 1 Nov 2017 4:35PM

None of them makes any sense to me. You need a good subtitle/slogan first which makes clear what you stand for (shorter than the mission statement). I have been thinking a lot about: "In control of ourselves" It takes the attention away from either the toy party or the dangerous party or the piratebay party and it brings the message of empowerment we want to bring all along. Just need to explain it in different ways. I have the impression that there are people thinking in the classical party mantra like the images above and there is people wanting to reinvent. And as we are pirateparty 3.1 instead of 1.0 in the meantime, we need to reinvent.


Renaud Van Eeckhout Wed 1 Nov 2017 2:46PM

About the images I mentioned above, here are some that were either shared by a Pirate, either shared by the Facebook page of PPBe (on Facebook).

I think one of these images will have a strong negative reaction :D but what about the others?