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Welcome to Loomio, an online place to make decisions together.

The Constitution Team will be using Loomio like a conference space, facilitating specific workshops towards the drafting of the constitution. Each workshop will be like a room at our virtual conference centre. Each "room" has been set up as a Sub-Group. You will need to accept or request an invitation to that sub-group if you wish to participate in that discussion.
This is an example discussion thread. You can add comments below. A thread is a conversation on a given topic. This thread is about how Loomio works, so post questions about that here.

You are currently reading the thread context, a space for background information. You can update it as the discussion progresses.

To get started with Loomio:
1. Upload a profile picture
2. Post in existing threads, or start a new one

Tips for posting on Loomio:
* To notify a specific person, type @ followed by their name.
* Click the paperclip icon to add attachments.

If you’ve got questions, check the Loomio help manual. You can also make suggestions or contact the Constitution Team on [email protected] .

We would like to assure participants that this platform has been explicitly excluded from the Burning Seed Social Media Policy and that discussing Seed operational matters in the context of the restructure project on Loomio will not result in disciplinary action. It is important that all perspectives and opinions about designing a better Org than the one we have are heard.


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This is a proposal, where you can make a decision together. You can start a proposal once a discussion is underway.

Everyone is asked to state a position by the deadline. You can extend the deadline if you need to, or close a proposal early.

You can change your position while the proposal is open. You might reconsider your view as you listen to others.

Sometimes groups work through a series of proposals to build solutions together. You can raise sequential proposals in this thread.

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