Thu 22 Aug 2013 7:58PM

The site operated with a donation

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Loomio lets Non-Profits like us operate and asks for a donation. This can be one off or a monthly contribution.

A) Should we continue to use the tool. If so how much should we give.
B) Who collects the cash and pays it over to Loomio?


Poll Created Thu 22 Aug 2013 8:03PM

Continue using Loomio, replace our google chat? Closed Thu 3 Oct 2013 4:38PM

A) Should we continue to use the tool?
If we vote yes, I will link this to our discussion link and get rid of the google chat. I will copy all existing discussions to the Loomio site.

We will still have our google group email but that will just be used for setting up meetings?

What do you think?


Results Option % of points Voters
Agree 100.0% 3 KS TA JM
Abstain 0.0% 0  
Disagree 0.0% 0  
Block 0.0% 0  
Undecided 0% 5 BH JP SB JSH A

3 of 8 people have voted (37%)


Triclops admin
Thu 22 Aug 2013 8:17PM

I think it's easy to use and relatively easy to administer: Although I am still getting used to it. I think you can have a discussion without voting too because I created one by mistake but not sure how I did it.


Keith Scanlon
Fri 23 Aug 2013 8:00PM

I Think this is a natural collaboration tool & we should trial it for an extended period & adopt permanently unless problems. Do you see any roadmap anywhere? I would guess they want input on what groups need, e.g. Meeting calendar, doc storage, etc.


Justine Mcfarlane
Mon 26 Aug 2013 8:34AM

If it is about generating discussions etc and agreeing on next steps it is good - but only if everyone takes part.

It might be useful to generate wider involvement ?


Judith S Hull Thu 29 Aug 2013 11:31PM

These posts on Loomio seem to be chronological. this isn't the best for understanding a discussion. The software should support comments on the topic and comment on the comments of others. Yammer works great. It doesn't have the nice topic list that loomio has but a search on a topic will find all relevant posts related to that topic. Also you can @ mention someone in a post to send an email to them. You can get dailiy or weekly list of the daily or all posts for the week. I'd recommend looking a little bit first. If you want to try Yammer, use a Triclops email to set it up and then create an external network that we can all join using our own email accounts.-Just a thought


Judith S Hull Thu 29 Aug 2013 11:33PM

Additional comment on Yammer setup.. You will need to invite us to join. With Loomio, I don't like not being able to edit my post, but that is the same with the free version of Yammer.