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Software Paper Discussion

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A thread for public discussion regarding how EarthArXiv should handle software papers


Bruce Caron Sat 16 Mar 2019 2:41PM

One of the promises of preprints is to expand the types of science objects that are publicly available, including, potentially, null results, confirmations of the validity of other research, and software papers. All of these need to pass muster as "real science". But none of them need to be sexy or fit into a narrow topic for "this issue of X". Perhaps now is a good time for the users of EarthArXiv to begin the conversation on how to expand this platform to meet its promise. IMHO.


Victor Venema Sun 17 Mar 2019 2:03PM

I agree. To repeat my previous comment:

"Also in general I would advocate being more open rather than more closed with respect to types of scientific contributions than traditional journals. That is one of the strengths of repositories and one of its gifts to open science."


Evan Goldstein Tue 26 Mar 2019 3:09PM

Would be neat to also explicitly solicit papers focused on replications of software, like ReScience


Tom Narock Wed 17 Apr 2019 12:59PM

I created a shared Google Doc at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zOTQAvF7jj7wz1lIUyKZK4TtTNuSiFclyFM0lYHcl_M/edit?usp=sharing Please take a look when you have time and let's collaboratively revise the EarthArXiv software paper submission guidelines.


Christopher Jackson Thu 18 Apr 2019 3:45PM

Thanks @tomnarock1. I added some comments, although software isn't my area of expertise. @danielnust may have some thoughts.


Tom Narock Thu 18 Apr 2019 5:25PM

Thanks Chris. I reached out to Gavin (who commented on our policy in his blog post) and he is interested in contributing as well. I believe @leonardouieda is also interested.


brandon Fri 17 May 2019 8:55AM

Perhaps peripheral, but may be of interest here: https://github.com/duecredit/duecredit


Tom Narock Thu 30 May 2019 4:10PM

Sorry for dropping the ball on this. I got this started and then it got away from me. I'd like to propose a deadline for any additional comments revising our software paper policy - say mid-June? Then we can turn it over to the Advisory Council for vote and hopefully put it into place later this summer.

To review where we are see: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zOTQAvF7jj7wz1lIUyKZK4TtTNuSiFclyFM0lYHcl_M/edit?usp=sharing

The general idea is to modify the software paper portion of the moderation policy to begin accepting software papers akin to other Earth science publication venues


Tom Narock Mon 1 Jul 2019 5:43PM

I've updated our Moderation Policy based on the positive responses in the poll. I added text to indicate we welcome software papers - https://eartharxiv.github.io/moderation.html


Daniel Ibarra Tue 2 Jul 2019 4:00AM

Great! Let's see if that encourages some software papers.


Daniel Nüst Tue 2 Jul 2019 9:55AM

Just catching up to this now, good initiative. I've made a couple of minor suggested edits in the Google Doc. Happy to turn them into a PR if seen as useful.


Tom Narock Tue 2 Jul 2019 11:51AM

Thanks @danielnust. I'll add your edits to the policy. Good point re: defining software papers. Is there an accepted, or possibly just widely used, definition that we could point to now and evolve over time?


Bruce Caron Tue 2 Jul 2019 2:15PM

There is a lot of good info here: https://joss.theoj.org/


Daniel Nüst Wed 3 Jul 2019 6:11AM

I'd second Bruce here. While EarthArXiv is accepting software papers (with a relation to Earth sciences, right?), it should follow others, who focus on software papers, regarding the definition and content, especially https://joss.readthedocs.io/en/latest/submitting.html#what-should-my-paper-contain

Nevertheless, I suggest to stress the relation to Earth Science applications/research. It would be good if moderators would collect all "software papers" somehow, or maybe we mention a required tag in the moderation policy? This way you can re-visit the definition issue in a year, and iterate.


Tom Narock Wed 3 Jul 2019 1:13PM

Thanks @bcaron and @danielnust. I've updated the Moderation Policy with text following JOSS's description. Please see https://eartharxiv.github.io/moderation.html and let me know if you'd like any additional edits.


Bruce Caron Wed 3 Jul 2019 1:33PM

Great job, Tom. Let's see what this enables. We should spread the word. I'll ping esip and force 11.