Sat 18 Mar 2017 7:16AM

Recap of March 17 meeting and Planning for the next larger meeting

JH Jace Hobbs Public Seen by 307

Our first meeting was a bit lonely for the lone male, me, but productivity made up for gender imbalance. We had surprise visits by another interested party Winnie, that wants to start a whole largish village somewhere in the countryside, around this area. Our group seemed to me to have pleasant concordance on issues such as weed killing sprays, and community organization, but we struggled with where we would locate the community. I think i can speak for Sonia and myself in saying that we love access to Nelson and want to make our lifestyle more bike and pedestrian friendly here in this city. There were some other suggestions about Richmond and further afield that i, for one, did not expect. I supposed that we were meeting after the conference in Nelson, meeting again in Nelson, because our central focus was Nelson! You can see my naive logic in this.
So what i want to focus on here is just how we will seek further members to go forward. I think Sonya, Yutta and I are seeking a Co-housing community very much along the line of clustered housing in hi-density with common spaces and facilities. I don't think we have to solve any other income issues for people than affordable housing and engaging community. I am reluctant to consider common businesses or any grand scheme in the mix. I look forward to diversity of ages, experience and ethnicity.
I think several of us did not imagine building our own home and imagined having a central contractor that would do the community building. This is certainly a way to achieve great economy. In our plan(I think Sonia and Yutta would agree), the houses would be nested together so that there are common walls, thermal efficiency, space savings and general measures of economy of density. There would be outright ownership of the housing unit, but not of the land. One could come and live there for years or decades and exit on a whim or in a coffin. We can sell up and move.
I am reluctant to consider more integrated measures other than covenants on the land and our actions on the land. In my view, he houses can be painted any outlandish colour the owner wants, any manner of social orientation is tolerated as long as there are no victims. Exclusivity would be our standard, and we would make investments for children, the handicapped, etc. In my view, incomes are a private matter and we would not go into any redistribution efforts on the community level.

In short, what we would be offering is attractive housing, easy connection with others and inter-generational contact with easy access to Nelson.

I would like others to recap the meeting and their interest in what was discussed. Have I created a central theme here that is attractive to others? Are there omissions or further inclusions that make it more attractive?

I would also like to suggest we meet again in two weeks, same time, same place. Does that fly with each of you?

hugs all around, Jace


Denyse Kinraid Sat 18 Mar 2017 10:31AM

I will be away on 1 April but would be back on 8th. Jenny K might be able to come to next meeting - she was keen.


Jace Hobbs Sun 19 Mar 2017 7:52AM

I meant to say "inclusivity" where i said " exclusivity" and coming from the land of Trump, that is no laughing matter! Jace


Denyse Kinraid Sun 19 Mar 2017 11:32PM

Nelson house price item from stuff. In the year to January 2017 Toi Toi area house prices were up 20%, other ordinary suburbs 17%.


Is someone going to put up a definite date for next meeting, and then someone else convey that to doodle? Might have to do this a few times to get the technosensitives like me and Yvonne to try out. Between checking both doodle and the loomio posts we should be able to get a large majority vote.

I knew you meant inclusivity Jace, with your outlook it couldn't be anything else, but good to get completely clear. And as for me, I am sorry I had to exit so quickly from last meeting, but events had occurred requiring attention on the same day as the meeting. I was strung up with a tight deadline and didn't want to talk about it. Time for the housing meeting was the important thing. I'll do better next time.


Sonia Corbett Mon 20 Mar 2017 7:41AM

It will be hard to find a meeting time that suits most of us, so I'll start a Doodle with all possible times and see who can turn up. The Doodle is only a case of ticking everything that suits so we can see the best time. For comments we'll still have to use Loomio. Both systems are easy to use, so I'm sure we'll get used to them.


Sonia Corbett Mon 20 Mar 2017 8:06AM

Everyone in this Loomio group will have an invitation to the Doodle poll for 4 dates for a meeting in Nelson, probably at Zumo's Coffee House where we met last Saturday. If none of these dates suit, we could try for a meeting in Motueka over Easter.