Fri 17 Apr 2015 2:22AM

Motueka's parks and reserves

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The question was asked on Facebook: "What parts of Motueka would you like to see developed further in terms of parks, reserves and green spaces? Or do we have just about the right amount now?"

Here are the comments placed on our Facebook group page:
Sue Clark >> I think we have some wonderful park and garden areas/walkways and in my mind we have enough. We also have the beach to walk on - the more parks we have the more we have to rely on someone for their upkeep, mowing etc.
Linda Woodate >> 1) Decks reserve needs something, not sure what. Be good to get rid of that colour thing that i have never seen anyone on yet, to a playground far away 2)The port area is still waiting for its face lift, which would be good to go with the janie seddon which has now been upgraded to an icon?! 3)Near the swimming pool where 'keep motueka beautiful' has long term plans and reduce the freedom camping to NOT where the residence are. Other wise we have some fantastic walks and areas to stroll.
Kym Parsons >> The opportunity exists for the Woodlands Canal to be developed in a similar way to the Indiana Central Canal in Indianapolis.
Dave Moloney >> We already have plenty of walkways that are fantastic; unfortunately, like the Abel Tasman, a lot of locals are yet to experience them. Promoting these walks (Kumeras, estuary, sandpit, art trail, rose garden, the list goes on!) to both locals and tourists with relevant signage or activities on the trails (maybe some sort of orienteering activity??) is the next logical step.
Terri Everett >> I think the Japanese Garden needs to change, its too hidden away and encourages a place for unsavory happenings, if you get my drift.
Jonas Klebert >> I'd like to see some development along the water front.
Melanie Stinka >> Yes, the waterfront has so much potential. not sure if this falls into the category of "parks, reserves and green spaces" but a cafe or restaurant along the waterfront for more people to enjoy the beautiful coastline along the quay would be great.
Vicki Karetai >> Room Pounamu at Brooklyn School are developing an action plan, to survey community values about the blue gum corner - right in our backyard. The group of 11-13 year olds are thinking of a beautification project to add a picnic area to the space.
Aurora August >> I think we could do with a "town centre", which could be green as well as useful. Deck's Reserve is the obvious place for this. There needs to be a friendly, welcoming social gathering place, where there can be outside seating, a community resource centre, and cafes etc. No cars, nicely paved for foot traffic, green surrounds. Like a chilled Motueka version of Cuba Mall in Wellington.
Sue Jepson >> I think something is going to happen at the water front behind Talleys - I'm not sure what. I've long thought it would be a good place for some characterful food carts and maybe some installation art. I also thought the Talleys factory wall would be great for a mural. With good signage that would be a great destination place to help Motueka to be seen as more than a 'gateway to the Abel Tasman NP'.
Aurora August >> Community House could do with a spruce up.
Corinne Steenbeeke >> Turn Port Motueka and the water front area more in to an entertainment area, with cafes, restaurant, outdoor activities, etc. Preservation of historic buildings that reflect the culture and history of Motueka and surroundings such as wharfs, boat sheds, piers, and other historic buildings and constructions.
Linda Glew >> Our river is extremely important - a cultural site amongst a safe, family friendly area on a big clearing not far from the bridge, and not violating the spaces used by fishers, would make an attractive place for locals and visitors at weekends. Perhaps some river art and history of our pioneers.
Ann Martin >> Te Awhina Marae is planning a major upgrade during the next 5years, with thoughts around having larger buildings with flexible spaces and becoming a cultural centre for Motueka and the wider Tasman community. Large gatherings eg conferences, smaller hui/meetings etc.
Johny O'Donnell >> Would love to hear more about that Ann Martin, sounds like a really worthy project and something that could help bring our whanau together more.

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