Thu 27 Sep 2018 9:05AM


LM Lyb Makin Public Seen by 19

Hi All, I didn't get time to discuss at the Zoom meeting just now - but just want to pass on some feedback from the Board/Governance Jedi re process:
There was a suggestion at the last Board meeting about having a clear process for when a Jedi develops policy documents (as $Jedi is doing with the Dollars Handbook) and having that feed back to the Board (and perhaps other Jedis also) - not so much for approval in a hierarchical sense, but to ensure these policy documents are consistent with others developed and cover off compliance requirements overall for Jeder. Keen to hear what others think about how we do process between this Jedi and the rest of the organisation... Lyb


Deleted User Mon 1 Oct 2018 7:08AM

I had the thinking that there was a board member on every Jedi-just not sure where this came from (or if there are enough of you now), and that this person fed back to the board.


Michaela Kennedy Mon 1 Oct 2018 12:08PM

I still need to start a continuous improvement Jedi. The only Perma Jedi that doesn’t include a board member is Risk. All other Perma Jedis have a board member on them. I’m happy to join the risk Jedi.
Yes my understanding is also that a board member sits on Perma Jedis and feeds back to the board. At present this process is not documented.


Jason Emmins Thu 4 Oct 2018 10:13AM

I put a suggestion on another thread that maybe all the Jedi hosts (and potentially board) come together at least one a month (or maybe quarter) to discuss overlaps and decision making. With more Jedi's being held, is it realistic that a board member sit on each Jedi or is there another way the board can have oversight of each Jedi?

Is there a way we could go through a collective decision making process regarding new/reviewed Policies (not sure how cumbersome this would look like, but it could be worth a try).


Lyb Makin Thu 4 Oct 2018 10:37AM

I wonder if the Hosts and the Board need some line of communication to ensure a flow between each? My initial feeling is that a Board member should sit on each Jedi to ensure a flow back to the Board, but maybe each Host needs to confer with other Hosts and the Board for sign-off? Still quite teal - in that Hosts are checking in with others potentially affected by the decision, before finalising the decision...


Jason Emmins Thu 4 Oct 2018 10:44AM

I like that process, its teal and also allows a collective approach to decisions :-)


Dee Brooks Sun 7 Oct 2018 4:44AM

There's a "so you want to start a Jedi" document in development in the "Jedi" thread - I've done some work on it during a flight this week and will add these thoughts as well...