Low Wage Treaties

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The corporations that benefit from these global treaties like to refer to them using the propaganda euphemism "Free Trade Agreements", but most of their contents deal with matters other than trade (eg "intellectual property" enforcement), and real "free trade" does not need to be enforced by an international treaty. You can't really call them "agreements" when the majority of the population, once educated about their contents, opposes them, because their consequences have included dropping of wages and/or increased unemployment in every country that has signed up to them.

The NZ government is currently part of negotiations on a number of Low Wage Treaties:
* TPPA ("Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement"): now on the back foot, but remember Zombieland, "always double tap!":
* TISA ("Trade in Services Agreement"): is a lesser-known LWT which is very relevant to Pirate concerns:
* RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership"): just heard about this one thanks to a heads-up from the EFF


Danyl Strype Tue 4 Aug 2015 3:00PM

There is a TPP Walk Away action week coming up this month. Would be good for all Pirates to get to their local march, with some NZPP flyers and a sign-up sheet, ideally a placard or banner with an NZPP logo, and maybe a card table for a stall.