Fri 2 Oct 2015 11:59PM

PPNZ an opportunity

KP Karl pearce Public Seen by 20

PPNZ has an opportunity,
we have two years to change thing, yes we could work with Internet Party, but sorry internet party in NZ is a dead duck. The world is moving towards pirates and so is NZ!
We have our own!
First all we need is 500 member signatures its a start, what say you!?


Danyl Strype Sat 3 Oct 2015 12:39AM

Welcome to the party Karl, love your enthusiasm :)


Andrew McPherson Sat 3 Oct 2015 3:05AM

Yes, I believe that we can get the 500 if we progress and potential mergers with other micro parties go ahead.


Hubat McJuhes Wed 21 Oct 2015 7:39AM

Would it be about time for some sort of an informal general assembly to brainstorm about what we think the party should be about and what we can do to get us there?

An online mumble meeting maybe?


Andrew McPherson Wed 21 Oct 2015 8:14AM

Shall we agree on a mumble meeting at our server address on mumble.piratenpartei-nrw.de (under the international section for PPNZ) ?
If so would Wednesday at 8:30pm be a better time to organise for other members who have had problems with earlier times previously ?


Hubat McJuhes Wed 21 Oct 2015 8:29AM

The last time we have asked it turned out that Tuesdays worked the best. Mind you, there are some new faces around since then.


Andrew McPherson Wed 21 Oct 2015 10:00AM

Ok, Tuesdays are equally useful at the 8:30 pm time.


Hubat McJuhes Fri 23 Oct 2015 5:34AM

Finding a suitable time and date to meet has proven difficult in the past. So I have now set up a doodle poll to make it easier for us. Can please all interested people mark the dates and times they would be able to participate in a meeting, please?

Just follow this link:


Andrew McPherson Fri 6 Nov 2015 8:12AM

Ah apologies, I had a tech support job on all weeknights this week on a near dead Macbook Pro.
With any luck, I have gained a new member very soon who is glad to have a much faster laptop and has expressed interest in me holding a cryptoparty training course for secure email.
As these courses would be an opportunity to sign up new members at the end, it would be great to do that.