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Hello! Please introduce yourself.

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Nathan invited me on here as I've expressed a few ideas in the past about the role of co-ops in solving problems in various industries. I've tried to keep abreast of some discussions on here and send apologies for not participating as much as I would like.

Some context: I set up this multi-stakeholder co-op www.retrofitworks.co.uk having identified this legal model as ideal for the aims of the business, not with an eye on setting up a co-op of its own sake. The model seems to be working; recent contract award to renovate 1,000 privately owned homes from the Mayor of London and starting large schemes in Devon and Oxfordshire this year. Turnover likely to be £0.5m this financial year with income for our members up at £5m.

I have been thinking on your question about the role of cooperative development programmes. I’ve also been dwelling on the void left by C and Local Government in many sectors. My view is that this is actually about ‘cooperation’ rather than it being about ‘cooperatives’. In one of Nathan's workshops we are asked ‘why are lots more co-ops not being created in the face of government roll back and the failure of capitalism?’, and ‘why are co-ops not seen to be a standard business model from which to choose’. Why not go with this situation rather than try to change it – much like I did with RetrofitWorks i.e. realise that there was a need to bring together the organisations or people around the market failure, then happily found the cooperative model as the answer.

So change the whole narrative from

‘We love co-ops, come and start one’
‘Let’s solve problems together, seek creative ways to collaborate, and we offer some commercial models to make it work (which is v likely to be a cooperative)’

I've got ideas on how to do all of that, but given my limited time available will need pointing at the most useful thread here on Loomio?

Cheers all.
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Blaise Thu 29 Feb 2024 4:37PM

Hi all! I'm on my last semester of college, but I've been working on starting a worker cooperative (IndependUS) in Missouri that provides SaaS solutions for crowdsourcing digital resource collections and community collaboration (FreeSourceful). I'm interested in all things co-op, and hope to get involved with this community in the future.


Graham Mon 16 May 2022 12:25PM

Hi Douglas, welcome and thanks for posting here. Intrigued to learn more about

Brickless. and would very much welcome your involvement with the planning for the Ways Forward 2022 conference, if that's of interest. Don't know if you will be at the Union Co-ops event at Wortley Hall this Fri/Sat?


Douglas Racionzer Sun 15 May 2022 9:25PM

Good evening comrades. Really inspired to attend the recent Workers Coop Weekend and to be a proud founder of the Brickless Coop. I work at Hackney Cooperative Developments supporting social entrepreneurs in the borough and am currently supporting the formation of Cooperate Islington, a new CDA in London.


Graham Wed 4 May 2022 9:01AM

Hi @Kayleigh Walsh Outlandish - good to see you here. Platform 6 is something of a cooperation lab where we can try new things and different approaches. There is a thread here https://www.loomio.org/d/itDsIGbf/cooperative-ways-forward-2022 where most of the conversation about Ways Forward has bene happening, and a few of us have been having some live conversations also about the event. The next one of those should probably happen next week - currently trying looking for a slot in my calendar, but will post a link and date/time in the Ways Forward thread, or feel free to contact me directly. I'm very keen to get lots of input on content and programme design.


Graham Wed 4 May 2022 8:53AM

Hi @Mothiur Rahman and welcome to this place. Really enjoyed our conversation yesterday - thank you again for taking the time. Looking forward to working with you to help make the Ways Forward programme a success.


Mothiur Rahman Tue 3 May 2022 8:22PM

Hi everyone - I'm Mothiur, like @Kayleigh Walsh Outlandish I've just finished the Barefoot Cooperative Development course (2.0) run by Coop Culture and was invited onto this Loomio after having a chat with @Graham about the Ways Forward conference. I'm a solicitor by training and have been trying to use my legal background (planning, governance, environmental) to support community resilience/local stewardship and championing the cooperative business model as well as campaigning on earth rights/supporting XR in its early days. I teach at the University of Law p/t to subsidise my consultancy practice. Couple of links below 🙏




Kayleigh Walsh Outlandish Fri 29 Apr 2022 2:41PM

Hello team, I'm Kayleigh from Outlandish. We're a tech worker co-op in Finsbury Park, North London and I have been there for over six years now. I've just finished the Barefoot Co-operatives course, I think we were the second cohort...? And Mark mentioned this group/Way Forwards conference, so I thought I'd come and say hiya. HIYA!


Sophie Corporate Watch Mon 13 Dec 2021 5:54PM

Hi all, Sophie here from Corporate Watch. We're a workers' coop which investigates and reports on corporations & capitalism in support of grassroots campaigns. I'm here because I'd like to get Corporate Watch more connected to mutual aid networks so we can learn from each other & share resources. Thanks for the add :)


Chris Funnell Mon 18 Oct 2021 11:49AM

Hi comrades, I am another of the CAN team https://www.can.coop/index.php/about-us/2013-11-20-17-40-57 always seeking new collaborative ways to advance co-operativism


Graham Fri 20 Aug 2021 12:45PM

Hi Emma. Apologies for not getting back sooner.Would you like to suggest a couple of dates/times in the next couple of weeks that might work for a conversation? Please send me email at [email protected] - I'd be keen to learn more about the sort of things you are up to with respect to data, and I can share what I know about some possible opportunities.

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