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this is trying to keep track of a very fast moving participation in NRTH Wed main gathering 9-22-21 ... lost of phone calls with Siobahn etc ... Summer & and I are co-leading at this time, and welcome both Eve and Rebecca to engage at anytime or in anyway that works for them ... this is a golden opportunity....


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  • here's my initial overview to you three on this:

    • Hello you beautiful three souls, 

      ... and I am not expecting Eve to reply to this because she's in a sweat lodge right now!

      Summer and Rebecca, this is an invitation to join me in an inquiry that stems from my call with Siobhan and Terri, which I'll tell you more about below.

      But one of the bottom lines is that I am scheduled to have another call with Siobhan tomorrow Saturday at 9:30 AM mountain time to continue the brainstorming and heart unfolding.

      So I invite either of you onto a phone call with me later today or this evening, possibly, or even first thing tomorrow morning for us to brainstorm together, before I talk to Siobhan again.

      In fact if either of you has time today for even 15 or 20 minute phone call with me, I know that would be super helpful for me to deepen in my clarity and wisdom -- and possibly create a "co-leadership" with you (details below).

      [It's possible I guess to try to jump on a three-way call, but I know the logistics of that are probably a nightmare.]

      So without further ado, here's the gist of the call with Terri and Siobhan. 

      They are both in a deep inquiry about what is the next developmental stage for our group. They both believe that we have to move beyond the green meme, although it has its pros -- of inclusion and egalitarianism and consensus.

      As Terri quoted Ken Wilber, the shadow of the green meme is "that the least developed folks often get to veto the forward movement of the more highly developed folks" because consensus is seeing is the highest priority.

      So, "how do we move forward as a community, into a next stage of development, where we can each acknowledge our shadow, ego, bias, and yet zoom out to the larger collective wisdom that's needed in the moment", without having to go for a consensus every time, but mindfully and lovingly deal with the human emotions that are agitated when we do not include everyone in everything.

      They want to have "this" as our theme for Wednesday's meeting. Terri is going to pre-record a 10 minute dharma talk on this. Siobhan will also context this from her point of view. 

      And they're asking me to possibly come up with a group interaction that I lead or co-lead -- that would somehow embody all of this as an experiential exercise. And then people would take this experience into breakouts to play with further, and report back what they have learned.

      Terry specifically asked that whatever I or we come up with, has a "light touch".  And Siobhan is talking about weaving in the J versus P typology, and also my masculine and feminine energies (that I inquired into in our mini wisdom circle)..

      I am honored that they're turning to us, and I feel a little overwhelmed by this request, and it would sure be good to jump on a call with one or both of you.

      It would also be so great if one or both of you could co-lead this with me next Wednesday,especially as you both carry the next stage of development and the divine feminine so deeply in your being. But I remember that Rebecca told her she cannot be at the next gathering on Wednesday, so that may leave Summer! (assuming that Eve is still with her mom and her underworld journey)

      Anyway, things continue to HOP HOP for our little founders Circle! Don't know if you have time to fit a call into your schedules, as I don't really either! But here we are…


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  • After Terry and Siobhan context this shift to TIER 2, Summer and I could lead the following exercise with a light touch

  • We ask each person to get a piece of paper and draw a line down the center and put regressive are unhealthy ego or shadow reactions at the top of the left, and progressive or healthy wisdom's for the collective on the right hand side, and keep track of their reactions, as Fred Rico reads a quote about moving from tier 1 to tier 2 perhaps in an authoritative and authoritarian manner to better provoke reactions from folks ... And then Summer Reza short paragraph as well.

  • Summer and I are both keeping our own notes on our own divided sheet, and we model the sharing that we had about our ego reactions and our collective wisdom insights.

  • Then we give each breakout room a very precise one focus question that each person can have two minutes to answer. And we asked for a time keeper so one minute for their ego reactions in one minute for their wisdom. And then five minutes at the end for everybody to cross talk

  • Then coming back to the main room and Summer and I will lead the integration and perhaps a slightly different format than it's been done of calling on several people only


Summer Sat 18 Sep 2021 4:59AM

I need clarity or example of ego reactions and wisdom reactions...it doesn't come easily to me to separate these two like they are opposed. I may be more clear after some sleep!!!

See you in the morning.


Rebecca Sat 18 Sep 2021 12:53PM

This is a great question summer. Maybe it will need guidance like: notice where you feel reactive. (Ego often shows up as posturing or collapse. If you want to fight or defend your point of view: posturing. Collapse: agree with the teachers or back out. Wisdom will come from a place of equanimity.

So after one gets all of the reactivity out...now, listen again..listen deeper...listen with an open heart and an open mind...what wisdom is arriving for you? Our group? Humanity? Can you hold both of these...your reactivity and your deep knowing, lightly without getting attached to either?


Summer Sat 18 Sep 2021 1:06PM

Yes those are good ideas, thank you, Rebecca.


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Frederico and Summer are co-leading this initiative ... and see the top where we invite R & E to join in anyway


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PROSED EXPERIENTIAL EXERCISE WE SEEM TO BE MOVING FORWARD WITH (after discussion with Summer & Siobahn Sat morning)




FW comment: I thing that so much of the effectiveness of this process below will depend of the ew\way that Terry and Siobahn "tee-this-up" ... and having the perfect quote about the Beauty and Limitation of Consensus

OPENING: Summer and I take the the handoff from Terry's pre-recorded 10 minute Dharma talk and Siobhan's additional context comments, hopefully about the goals lists above (or whatever these goals "come to be."

  • 1215 Summer and I each give additional context from our individual perspective (2 min max each)

    • FW: "this is a sacred moment in our journey as a community together, because we are playing with (a) looking at ourselves in the mirror to raise our awareness of a perspectives we operate from ... and (b) use a different (not better) process to access our "collective-we wisdom" about this

      • (and use the gesture Eve gave in our mini-circle?)

    • Summer: " ..."

  • 1220 someone guides everyone to drop in together, with the kind of "attuning to wisdom" which we have used in our wisdom circle

  • 1223 frederico gives instructions of how to enter into this exercise with your mind map besides you and a pen, shares his screen of such a mind map, including the circle in the middle for our inquiry , and gives everyone one minute to do that in silence

  • 1225 Summer instructs the the group to write the following inquiry into the center of the circle: "what is both the beauty of consensus we want to include, and the limitations of consensus we want to transcend as we move into a more integral stage of development together" ... repeat ... and out in chat

  • 1228 eve reminds folks how to access sou wisdom ... then frederico reads a paragraph on the beauty of consensus, and Summer reads a paragraph on the limitations of consensus -- while people remain in silence and allow any images, gestures, flashes of inside, and shut it down

  • 1230 give the group 1 minute of silence to identify their most powerful and relevant wisdom arising from above exercise, and type that briefly into chat

INTO BREAK OUT ROOMS to explore deeper

  • 1235 give breakout instructions and repeat them, as follows:

    • the person with the shortest hair in the room is the timekeeper, so get your phone out now

    • Will fill this in later ... go into breakout rooms

RETURN TO MAIN ROOM to harvest & close

  • 100 return to main room and each person could send a chat the central thing that inspired the most awareness.

  • Summer and Frederico alternate reading these out a few of these out slowly

  • 110 do a harvest of a harvest… Fill this blank in later…

  • 120 hand the ball back to Siobhan to comment on her harvest big picture of this exercise, give us homework for the next gathering including any reading that's relevant, and invite us to continue to be brewing on this inquiry, and inviting us to post further integrations and harvesters in the following format (what his this)


[deactivated account] Sat 18 Sep 2021 8:43PM

Notes to myself to improve the above idea:He sure to leave and powerful realization that we are using this process to access our collective wisdom as a Wii space space


Rebecca Sat 18 Sep 2021 9:30PM

I'm staying attuned. Thanks for sharing and interested on a soul level to see what evolves. Blessings to the three of you as you lead this.


Eve Sun 19 Sep 2021 5:57AM

I am touched by what you are creating here and I agree it is a beautiful and golden opportunity.
I have been in a Very deep and as yet not complete process with what is emerging here. I am feeling a sense of startle in relationship to several aspects , and for this reason I feel I am not the best person to lead the attunement. Perhaps we can check in with Lydie? She did such a wonderful job as a facilitator. I am happy to reach out to her if this feels aligned to you all. I want to support you and I deeply celebrate this learning and the energy and creations you are putting into it.


Summer Sun 19 Sep 2021 6:52AM

Hi Eve,

With what you say here I would really love to talk with you tomorrow if you are open to it. I feel a need to know your "startle" as I am not 100% in my own self about something and I am not totally sure what.

I did ask Lydie by email; Siobhan and I talked about her as a possibility especially since we were not expecting to count on you for that given all that is occurring in your life. Lydie was very happy to be asked...and is on holiday and so actually is available...and was not entirely sure about where she stood on the green meme...and its beneficial aspects: here are her words:My green is not very integrated…I sometimes wonder if I skipped it. Not much feels like truth to me, in all that gets said and researched, and sometimes I really question myself." So its pretty curious this request. everything else you said is something I can definitely get behind. Let me listen in about the beautiful aspects of the green meme and see what comes up? And thanks so much🙏🏻💗"

So I will let you know what her response is.

And I still need to go over what Frederico has written here as a possible approach and see how it lands in me...I will get back to you all more tomorrow. I think what is still lacking for me is some sense, or declaration or intent about "to what end...what is our aim" as we "move into a more integral stage of development together"...what does that mean, what are we talking about? Where are we going with this?

And even a wondering of how did we get here? And I need to say again that I need a good night's sleep and I will feel more capable of rocking this. Thanks for listening...
I know we want to connect with Siobhan again i believe Sunday evening or Monday morning so she can send out the group email. I will be dreaming...xoxo


Eve Sun 19 Sep 2021 10:31PM

Thank you both again💕….Really rich and meaningful deepenings.

Frederico I really love receiving your clarity of the goals of this meeting as well as your wise seeing of the importance of how Siobhan and Terry cue this up. I was seeing that too. I have been holding this whole unfolding in deep contemplation/bringing presence to it.

Summer, very happy to talk to you about the “startle”,

Also….I hate to say this but there is a whole new and Big image coming into view. I almost hate to say this because it feels so disruptive to your process, but then again it is arriving in me with some large volume so I am going to express it. I am wondering how people are going to respond to a pre-recorded Dharma talk from Terry. I have not been to every single big meeting so I may have missed this occurrence in the past but I feel like consciously or unconsciously there is going to be a poignant and tender response to that. Couple that with the fact that Terry is sending these emails saying “This life I have lived for 70 years is complete, over, done. Something new-perhaps a transition to the other side-perhaps, by Grace, a new transformed life~is now unfolding.” And he is starting this series this Saturday on Brightening Every Darkness. I just feel as if as a community we Really have not done any of the processing or gotten into relationship with the fact that we may lose Terry….this is just such a big task and I feel like the collective wisdom circle is a really really beautiful groundwork to lay to start teaching us all how to distribute leadership and be Held in a new center beyond Terry. But jumping into let’s explore how to move past consensus feels premature to me. In fact I feel like as a community we are just barely starting to even build a coherence or a field together. And I will just go a step farther and say I feel the True original intention for this Big meeting was to do a Wisdom circle process in the main group. That is what was moving. But then there was a little bobble with the timeline And then Rebecca and Eve said wait a minute, we should all enter this Together, and let’s slow down a little because we are in an alchemical vessel together and let’s discern and see if this is right timing or if we can manage a way to all Be with this together. And then instead of truly staying IN that and negotiating all together and Yes coming to consensus ….With Siobhan….we just fragmented. And from what I can see the process then came in through the back door but instead of staying with the original intention it was shifted a little to this new thing of let’s figure out how to be liberated from consensus. I am just now wondering if in some ways this project is Partially a reaction to our own incomplete process and not necessarily the next best medicine for the large group. I know this is Really late in the day to reconsider a shift which is why I have not been saying anything. But I am sensing a little unresolved ness in Summer too and maybe even Frederico. PLEASE please know that I support you 100% whatever you do and I am also not really trying to give advice. My interpretations could easily easily be all wrong, distorted or even just simply over exaggerated. And maybe it is just really no big deal the timing and whatever we explore will be fruitful and sacred. (I am very sure this is so). This is just how emergence is landing over here and this is my share for better or for worse. I think the consensus exploration is extremely Important, absolutely part of our next steps as a community and it will be really really helpful. The timing is just not quite sitting right with me. Please take these words with a grain of salt and if they are not resonating just DISCARD. I am not invested or attached….just expressing what messages I am receiving.

allll of that being said ….this is what has been stirring in me around consensus. (Also I am a little confused as to the primary intention of this meeting…is it exploring how we as a group relate to consensus or is it getting clear on our relationship to the green tier …I know there is some overlap but I am not clear on this.)

I believe you mentioned this before but in regards to consensus I am curious about the shadow responses to the limitations as well as the gifts and the wise center response to both the limitations and the gifts. I am also curious about our collective Skill around building consensus. This feels like an important part of this inquiry. What methods and intelligences do we have to build it?


[deactivated account] Mon 20 Sep 2021 1:57AM

Sending Nye: this whole thing a bird is probably torpedoed by Terry's latest caring bridge update, describes his worsening symptoms and diagnosis. Summer Eve and I all feel strongly that the Wednesday gathering must allow the community to deal with this, rather than push ahead with the agenda above. Good to have this thread though, because it's some point will probably come back to it.