Mon 24 May 2021 9:33AM

Getting to Net Zero and beyond (hat tip to Buzz Lightyear)

G Graham Public Seen by 63

(I posted this over in the Worker Co-ops group the other day. Posting it here also to encourage a wider response): One of the cooperative organisations that I work with has just agreed to commence work on a decarbonisation programme for itself and its members (who are mainly businesses, including some pretty big ones). Looks like I'm going to be pretty heavily involved in the work. So I'm keen to find out about any other cooperative economy initiatives around climate change, net zero, etc., focussing on decarbonising businesses, that I might engage with and learn from. Also wondering if there is already some sort of network/grouping in place on this issue that I might engage in, and if not, whether there are any co-operatives interested in creating some sort of networks for mutual learning, sharing of good practice, etc.

In addition I'm really interested in developing some innovative thinking about carbon-offset schemes /markets that might be beneficial for cooperative economy organisations.


Dave Fuller Mon 24 May 2021 4:51PM

We're also looking in to how we can support businesses to decarbonise, with a focus on SMEs and charities. I'd be intersted in getting an idea of the thinking that's already being done in this area and how we might be able to support


Graham Wed 26 May 2021 2:03PM

Also worth mentioning that, like your organisation, the org I'm working with primarily on this has members whose activity itself has a positive impact on GHG emissions.


Graham Mon 24 May 2021 5:17PM

Hi Dave. I'm at the beginning of this process, and happy to share my game plan, brief though it currently is. I've signed up with https://www.climateactionforassociations.org - who are very new, but I'm hopeful of useful stuff from them.

In terms of my plan, it looks something like:

  1. Get our own house in order (understand what our footprint is like, set up systems to monitor and improve, develop and implement strategy, measure impact and trend).

  2. Communicate with constituent organisations to identify where they are, what they might have already done (and whether they are willing to share what they know).

  3. Working with the constituency, co-develop strategy and actions/resources that can get everyone further faster.


Michelle Parkin-Kelly Tue 25 May 2021 8:15AM

https://carbon.coop/ Are you familiar with Carbon Co-op?

https://www.bioregional.com/projects-and-services/case-studies/how-we-helped-two-housing-associations-create-zero-carbon-roadmaps We see a lot of Housing Associations working hard in this area given the potential impact. Raven and Catalyst are the two mentioned above. Solar panels have been a particular area of focus.

There are a fair number of carbon reduction co-operatives operating at local levels who would no doubt have knowledge and experience that they're willing to share.

Let me know if you want any more information on the above, Michelle


Graham Wed 26 May 2021 2:07PM

@Michelle Parkin-Kelly - many thanks for this. I'm aware of the excellent Carbon Co-op, but not so much other co-operative organisations working in this field, so if you are able to share more info, either here or more directly, please do so. I'm keen to understand what's out there.