Wed 19 Oct 2022 12:46AM

Position Statement on Supplementary Optional Practices for Supporting Wellbeing

MK Michaela Kennedy Public Seen by 24

Jeder would like to develop a position statement that will address Jeder’s perspective on supplementary optional practices for supporting wellbeing, including Cannabis, Psilocybin and other optional practices.

We will be using the Jeder Pillars and Ethical Considerations Policy as a framework to build this position statement which we believe will help us to promote an idea in an objective and transparent manner.

Please see this example from Cancer Council. Position-Statement-on-Medical-Use-of-Cannabis-FINAL.pdf

Who’s up for joining a Jedlet to do this piece of work? Once we identify who is interested I will do a poll for meeting times.


Jason Emmins Wed 19 Oct 2022 4:18AM

Im in.


Jason Emmins Wed 19 Oct 2022 4:19AM

@Linda Bailey would you like to join?