Thu 30 Nov 2017 6:57AM

Italiano - Italian

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Gruppo italiano di traduzione di Loomio - Loomio italian localization group


Marco Giustini Thu 30 Nov 2017 6:58AM

Hi folks, I'm working to finish the italian translation on Transifex. I also translated the youtube video presentation on homepage.


Robert Guthrie Thu 30 Nov 2017 7:05PM

Thanks @marcogiustini. Its great to have your help and I'm sure many people will appreciate your work! I'm deploying updated translations now.


Marco Giustini Fri 1 Dec 2017 6:49AM

@robertguthrie Hi Robert, I finished to translate on Transifex the "marketing" resource, so now all the homepage contents would be translated. May you deploy again the translations from Transifex so I will look to correct eventual translation errors?


Robert Guthrie Sun 3 Dec 2017 9:45PM

Thanks. We'll update the site today and I'll let you know


Marco Giustini Sun 3 Dec 2017 10:40PM

@robertguthrie When I'll finish to translate the interface on Transifex, I wish also to translate the help manual on Gitbook.


Robert Guthrie Sun 3 Dec 2017 10:53PM

We're in the process of moving the help manual in to Loomio School, so I would advise you to hold off on that for now, translating the app and plugins is a wonderful help - but translating the manuals and school right now might not be worthwhile as re are reorganising them.


Marco Giustini Sun 14 Oct 2018 7:34AM

@robertguthrie On Transifex I added the translation of strings visible in the user interface. Please update


Marco Giustini Sun 14 Oct 2018 7:50AM

Hours and minutes on Meeting poll are untranslatable


Robert Guthrie Sun 14 Oct 2018 7:34PM

Thanks @marcogiustini I've updated them now. Can you provide a screenshot of the problem with hours and minutes on Poll? Thanks for your support, it's fantastic!


cristina nargi Mon 28 Oct 2019 3:47PM

Hi there, do you need any help with the Italian translation ? I remember having a go with it at the very beginning. Give me a shout if do (:

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