How we want to be with each other - Loomio Participation Guidelines

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Let's use this space to align around some Participation Guidelines. Original text of discussion to be found on http://natgat2014.titanpad.com/57.

Have separated the discussion Create Loomio Group Participation Guidelines, Usage and Decision Making Processes out into 3. Please use this page for discussing and proposing How we want to be with each other - Participation Guidelines

the 3 discussions:
How we want to be with each other - Loomio Pariticpation Guidelines
How we use loomio - Loomio Usage
How we make decisions - Loomio Decision Making

# Loomio Processes



x complaints by one or more members of group
in person or tele convo
bring to group
vote on loomio

Participation Guidelines: (these are from IO, for the calls; add others, your own or amend these) (The original call participation guildes can be found at: http://interoccupy.net/about/participation-guidelines/

- Be Curious and Open to Learning: Listen to and be open to hearing all points of view. Maintain a attitude of exploration and learning.
- Balance Advocacy and Inquiry: Seek to learn and understand as much as you might want to persuade. Conversations are as much about listening as it is about talking.
- Show Respect and Suspend Judgment: Setting judgments aside will enable you to learn from others and contribute to others experiencing being respected and appreciated.
- Seek Alignment rather than Agreement: Alignment is shared intention, whereas agreement is having a shared belief or opinion.
- Be Purposeful and to the Point: Notice if what you are conveying is or is not “on purpose” to the question at hand. Notice if you are making the same point more than once. Do your best to make your point quickly with honesty and depth.
- Own and Guide the Conversation or Process: Take responsibility for the quality of your participation and the quality of the work conversations by noticing what’s happening and actively support getting yourself and others back “on purpose” when needed.
- Be Excellent to Each other: Share what’s important to you. Speak authentically; from your personal and heart felt experience. Be considerate to others who are doing the same.
- Respect the subject threads: Since there's a lot of traffic here, keep the threads intact. Don't post something that mixes one thread with another. Better to refer to people, "I just posted about abc in the xyz conversation."


Sea Sat 10 May 2014 1:11AM

Another guideline is that if there is a discussion topic, which a person may or may not have complete (or merely adequate) knowledge about, making a proposal doesn't help, or if it does, it means that the proposal will lead to even more discussion, so that the result may bear little resemblance to the intent of the person who posted the discussion in the first place, who, though, didn't post the proposal, and the person who put up the proposal didn't inquire of the person who posted the discussion.

An example is the "Reparations for Native and African Americans" discussion. The proposal that is before it now, seems an odd proposal given my purpose in posting the discussion. Its possible if that proposal passes, that my purpose in starting the the discussion will be defeated. Yet maybe a new and better result will be achieved.

I don't know what the result will be if the current proposal is passed. So that discussion with its current proposal should be taken down. It would be hard to do an effective counter proposal.

I didn't expect the discussion to lead to a proposal. I was trying to narrowly open a big topic. It seems now we have a wide opening on an unknown topic.


Tricia Sat 10 May 2014 1:19AM

How about proposals of a 1st draft proposal be put on the on the discussion thread b/f putting it up for a decision?


Sea Sat 10 May 2014 3:03PM

Yes. More than one proposal might be good for a discussion. I think we know that merely through slick wording, or through electronic sabotage, our words and intents can be twisted. Perhaps the instigator of the discussion should have some say on the proposal and there should be opportunities for more than one proposal. Right now, because of the proposal in the "Reparations" discussion, the result could turn into a big embarassment for us.
Tricia, could you make space for more proposals in that discussion?
I think the discussion so far could help create the sensitivity we need. However I think the current proposal will booby-trap that.


Jackie Sat 10 May 2014 4:13PM

It seems loomio only allows for one proposal at a time - I agree we need a mechanism to ask for a proposal to close so another may be proposed. Please add more concrete, specific ideas for how to do it, in a sentence or phrase. Here's mine:

Ask for a Proposal to End so a new Proposal can be made.
Use a phrase [I move to end this proposal]
3? people use the phrase, the owner of the proposal removes it unless they further clarify why it should stay up.


Jackie Sat 10 May 2014 4:16PM

Recap of new additions so far:

The thresholds for consensus should be clearly defined, and the resulting decision should be posted.
I’m not against blocks if they are not given doomsday powers.
There should be some attempt to adjust the proposal to remove the reason for a block if possible.
I personally like 2/3 block overrides, without any promises to leave.
jmcg - loomiodisc 5-9

I would only share this thought, for me to do it, autonomy is important. I suggest that proposals only be made to the group that you are willing to do, coordinate and hold with or without the group’s blessing. NikiV loomiodisc 5-9

Do we need a process for adding new members? Tricia loomiodisc 5-9

blocks should not have doomsday powers - Julia loomiodisc 5-9

Blocker must really know the issues and the positions of each person and also must know the members generally and have a track-record of being involved in the particular issue, without being disruptive. Sea loomiodisc 5-9



Sally G Sat 10 May 2014 5:44PM

I still do not like percentages/fractions; I believe that blocks should only be used by someone who is finding the decision contradictory to principle, etc., and is willing to walk away from the group if it moves forward. It is then up to the group to decide if they can accommodate the objections or is willing to let the blocker walk away; either can be valid.


Justin Sun 11 May 2014 5:24AM

Levels of consensus & proposals can take all forms.

It should not be the last thing we use but a tool we can leverage when needed.

Seems to be working quite well as groups form around projects & ideas.

Discussions should be allowed to become proposals at any time..

But setting a min 7 day time frame would only be fair-


Sally G Sun 11 May 2014 1:41PM

I understand the thoughts on a 7-day minimum, but would notice sent via e-mail/Facebook/etc. enable that to be cut down if needed without overly limiting people’s opportunity to participate?


Cal Sun 11 May 2014 8:56PM

I've been away at a mountain retreat for the last 48 hours. I meant to write up something at the beginning of this thread, but ran out of time before I left. I've added two things to the context at the top:
- Under "Usage" I've included some guidelines about starting off with discussions rather than proposals, levels of importance of proposal, and where to introduce a proposal (main group or a working grou).
- Guidelines for blocking in consensus. To me, this is what's always been missing (and why consensus hasn't worked so well in Occupy). The "I will leave the movement" thing has never worked for me. At the same time, overriding someone who has a principled block, IMO, is heinous. I like "Block means you’ve got serious objections and you’ll be extremely unhappy if this proposal goes ahead", although it's not our place to make sure every is happy or unhappy, so I'd prefer more concrete ways of determining whether a block is legitimate. I should be able to completely block a decision if my reasons are based on the decision violating a principle or principles we hold. The guidelines for blocking I've offered are form that intention.


Tricia Sun 11 May 2014 9:55PM

I like the 2/3 override on blocks

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