ECA Madrid: Events and Interventions

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Let's use this thread to announce events happening at or parallel to the ECA which are not in any other programme so far.


Ivor Stodolsky Sun 8 Oct 2017 2:27PM

Hi @modiener, so it seems you edited the title of the whole thread and content :) Having a whole thread dedicated to this is good. The only thing is that it now says it was created by me, Ivor, although it is you talking ;) Maybe you could edit this a bit. Thanks for your contribution! Ivor

Actually, the easiest thing would be to start your own thread (at the same level as this one). Then, we could restore this ones original title and and link all possible Madrid ECA events here, including yours.


Ivor Stodolsky Sun 8 Oct 2017 2:28PM

BTW, I have been trying to get people to use the hashtag #RomaLivesMatter. How about using it here?


Mo Diener Thu 26 Oct 2017 9:15AM

Good morning Ivor, maybe I could find people to support a performative intervention like Detox Dance in the open courts of Matadero - wouldn't it be interesting?


Mo Diener Sun 8 Oct 2017 5:33PM

Dear Ivor, sorry about that. #RomaLivesMatter is great. thanks for your support.


Ivor Stodolsky Sun 8 Oct 2017 8:57PM

ok, i've now changed this back to what it was -- a place to announce ideas or events or interventions!


Ivor Stodolsky Sun 8 Oct 2017 8:59PM

@modiener has proposed we do the DETOX DANCE! I second the proposal :)


Nicole Leonard Tue 10 Oct 2017 8:26PM

Super into the idea, personally. From a logistics point of view though it's a bit late -
not sure we'd be able to do this in MediaLab with everything else that's going on. @malashierbas maybe you have some other ideas on where @modiener could organize this?


Mo Diener Wed 11 Oct 2017 8:30AM

@nicoleleonard thank you for your positive post. @malashier I know that I was coming in quite late - I am proposing a 30 minutes workshop - people are around - sound technology is modest - are there spaces around for #RomaLivesMatter ?


Nicole Leonard Wed 11 Oct 2017 8:33AM

Could we do it outside with a portable speaker during lunch? Or maybe in cantina/auditorio :P


Ana Méndez de Andés Wed 11 Oct 2017 8:36AM

Hi! The proposal is very interesting :) As you can imagine, dealing with public cultural institutions is not a very easy task, and activities must be planned some time in advance. However, if you specify the technical (just speakers?) and space needs (indoors, outdoors, how many people aprox.), I can see if it's possible to hold it in Medialab, or Intermediae. Also, and regarding when, as Nicole said, we could think to do it either during lunch or on Friday afternoon as one practical spotlight session :)

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