Fri 6 May 2022 11:44AM

New members introductions

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If you are new to this platform you are invited to introduce yourself here.


Mofwoofoo Wed 29 Jun 2022 2:32PM

Hola, I am a longtime radical activst living in Ecuador where I founded a mostly latino, artist ecocommunity (chambalabamba.org). I have many ideas and strategies.


Árainn Hawker Thu 30 Jun 2022 2:45PM

Hi I'm Árainn (Oran) I live in South Somerset in the South West of England at the momentat the moment. I have been working with Extinction rebellion quite a lot over the last few years.I have just finished the TTPprogramme it is being a great pleasure and a privilege. I'm looking forward to connecting with people and hopefullyhelping set up/facilitate people's assemblies around the UK.


Carol Mills Thu 30 Jun 2022 2:52PM


Carol Mills Thu 30 Jun 2022 2:53PM

Oh sorry. Posted in wrong place. Eastbourne Climate Coalition is holding a 3 days festival with a packed programme nearly finalised. End July.


Adam Hardy Wed 21 Jun 2023 12:06PM

Hi Everyone, I was searching the net for the Extinction Rebellion climate assembly group but found your loomio instead! Glad to have arrived.

I work for EcoCore, a small new NGO advocating for carbon allowances.

I found this interesting article which I wanted to share with XR, but I think it'll interest everyone here too if you haven't read it already: https://theconversation.com/how-the-ancient-greeks-kept-ruthless-narcissists-from-capturing-their-democracy-and-what-modern-politics-could-learn-from-them-208042