Fri 5 Apr 2019 12:50PM

Dashboard view

A Andi Public Seen by 105


i just found Loomio and i am very happy with the features because it fits our needs to about 90%. What we want to achieve is a Idea Management Tool for collaboration in our company. So for my understanding every "organisation" can be an idea. And in this idea users can communicate, rate the idea, put in docs and so on.

But what is missing for us is a dashboard view, where every "idea" = organisation is visible as block with title and image.

Do i only oversee something or is there no such "view".

Thank you for any input,
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Robert Guthrie Fri 5 Apr 2019 8:23PM

I would suggest that you put ideas into threads or subgroups.

But I understand you would like a page where you can see multiple groups as cards. That's similar to the /explore view but for an organisation.


Andi Mon 8 Apr 2019 10:35AM

Thank you for the answer - i typed in /explore/ manually because i can not find this view in Loomio Menu.

And yes - that`s exactly the view that i meant. Is such a card view possible with own "organisations" (which should then be "ideas")?

BR Andreas


Robert Guthrie Wed 1 May 2019 10:11PM

Usually the best idea is to add everyone to the main group, then when you start or edit a thread you can notify everyone that way.