Mon 4 May 2020 10:03AM

Wednesday water-cooler - regular noon Jitsi hangout? Plus co-working idea

For those of us who'd like to randomly chat, exchange thoughts, get feedback or just listen to other people doing it: Every Wednesday at noon, various of us from the P6 director team will hang out at https://meet.jit.si/P6WaterCooler

The way Jitsi works, there's no need to set up a space - as soon as you create the URL, the space is there and anyone who uses the same URL will end up in the same space with you.

So as well as this regular time, I'm also going to hang out there most mornings from 9am, and happy to co-work with anyone else who turns up. Anyone else can do the same. So it's part chilling & chatting, part co-working, part daily check-in, depending on who's there and what they fancy doing.

For my part, if I'm first in, i'll set my intention in the chat, which (unlike Zoom) carries on being visible to new arrivals. Jitsi is best on Chrome/Chromium.

Does this float anyone else's boat?


Ian Hewitt Tue 5 May 2020 10:01AM

Hi Cath, I'd like to join you some time tomorrow morning if for no other reason than to try out jitsi. I've been having difficulty working with zoom on my old linux box since installing the latest version of the app on Friday. Also interested in your thoughts on a Ways Forward or even a possible New Lucas Plan gathering maybe with a screening of the 30 mins film? Anyway - catch you tomorrow.. ..assuming the technology my end holds together!


fyi, i'm still doing this - i'll get @Graham or @Mark Simmonds (Co-op Culture & Platform 6) to update the Loomio Group description so that the link is at the top of the page