Mon 24 Feb 2020 6:38PM

Some organisations to contact:

LS Leo Sammallahti Public Seen by 57

Here is a list of some organisation we seek to contact. If you want to contact one of these organisations and have an organisation in mind we should contact, let us know.

  1. The Co-operative Party

  2. Bristol Cable

  3. The Manchester Meteor

  4. Coop News

  5. The Hive

  6. The Media Fund Coop

  7. Platform6 Development Cooperative

  8. Common Wealth

  9. Public Interest News Foundation

  10. UnFound

  11. Cooperative Enterprise Development Agency

  12. Bright Ideas Fund

  13. Media Enterprise Design Lab

  14. Phone Co-op Foundation For Co-operative Innovation

  15. Co-operative Councils Innovation Network

  16. Platform Cooperative Consortium

  17. Fourth Estate News Co-operative

  18. Pellervo - The Finnish Central Organisation For Co-operatives

  19. Workers Cooperative Solidarity Fund