Thu 22 Jan 2015 3:42AM

Discussion 2

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David Alexander Thu 22 Jan 2015 3:51AM

So, one can have groups and subgroups but no nesting deeper than this....practically speaking, this is probably enough.

And, you can have any number of group level and subgroup level discussions...


David Alexander Thu 22 Jan 2015 3:53AM

I just have to have my say...and the last word....so here is a comment for discussion 2, at the group level


David Alexander Thu 22 Jan 2015 3:57AM

Well, if a group or a subgroup is deactivated, it is essentially the same as deleting it. However, if you deactivate and change your mind, you can email loomio and they will reactivate it for you, so this provides a backup.
Note, if you deactivate a group this necessarily means you are deactivating all subgroups of that group.

This is quite a nice feature :)