Thu 22 Feb 2018 3:29PM

National Building Museum: How can housing meet evolving demographics?

BW Bill Wendel Public Seen by 323

Glad to see this kind of exhibit and hope it opens other opportunities for innovation:

National Building Museum exhibit showcases housing innovation

EXCERPT: The Open House features a hyper-efficient layout, movable walls, and multifunctional furniture, allowing the space to meet the needs of a variety of today’s growing but underserved households.

  1. Does anyone know what role the local organization, Citizen Housing & Planning Association (CHAPA) played?

  2. Who's on CHAPA's #CoHousing / #CoLiving task force, and staff person to contact for their plans locally in 2018?

  3. Despite the exhibit name, Town Square, seems to be an emphasis on tiny, flexible furniture / floorplan, not community. Does the exhibit itself address the broader context?

  4. Similarly, how do these units fit into conversations of zoning reform and visions of what Prof. Barry BlueStone calls #21stCenturyVillages?

Glad to see #MillennialVillages have expanded to address the need for intergenerational and exciting to solutions that can adapt to meet that need: