Getting the World's Attention on August 1.

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Let our media campaign and our strategic planning attract the attention of the whole world upon a big, carefully planned, day of non-violent protest for Friday August 1.


Sun 8 Jun 2014 2:41AM

Having one day that's got a good amount of orchestrated events (speakers, march, etc.) is enough. People will get worn out with 2 consecutive "big" days. The heart and soul of the gathering is people from around the country interacting w/ each other.


Julia Clark
Mon 9 Jun 2014 9:32PM

I am not sure what the bar or standard is for "big non-violent"


Wed 11 Jun 2014 1:24AM

A whole day devoted to nonviolent protest is too much.


Sally G Mon 26 May 2014 2:19PM

Logistics out of the way, this sounds good, but is very ambitious.


jemcgloin Mon 26 May 2014 3:36PM

I would just suggest that you do it after people get off of work, so that they can join in. I never understood why so many events are planned between 9 and 5 on weekdays.


jemcgloin Mon 26 May 2014 3:40PM

Actually wouldn't more people be showing up on the weekend? Maybe Saturday Night is better. Is there some kind of nightlife strip in Sacramento, where people would be on the street to see?
Occupiers say they don't want to make demands to a corrupt system but then they want to go stand in dead zones by office buildings in the middle of the day.
How can we reach the people, without inconveniencing them.
Best case: Inconvenience the 1% while the 99% is there to see.


jemcgloin Mon 26 May 2014 3:42PM

One more thing. Discourage people getting arrested before hand, because it ends up sucking up any coverage, leaving the march unmentioned.


Julia Clark Mon 26 May 2014 3:54PM

Aug 1 is on a Friday, perhaps both, the office zones Friday day with selected photo op solidarity sings and the nightlife strip Friday night. It could be orchestrated to gain momentum and strength with the apex being after sunset.Or even timed with the evening news.


Brad in Barstow Mon 26 May 2014 4:06PM

Yes to different ambient audiences friday and saturday. I worked as capitol intern late 80s and saw this, still do. Fri is office and capitol workers, inerns, lobbyist, activits and related travelers. Are dead zones and live zones, and yes to comment about 9 to 5, they do find time and are curious. Those downtown to promote their power and money agenda at capitol would see this as very disruptive and probably vocalize their opionions.
Sat more residents, students, tourists; Old Town Sacramento is a nearby major draw. They have more leisure time and are likely to be more open.
Fri is end of week wrap up day for many, sat is seen by most as their day to be where they want. Seems to evolve around what people to reach and how. Local, national or international. More inconvenience can be perceived as more reaching the people.


Lisa Tue 27 May 2014 6:15PM

I like the concept, but could we leave the specific day open for now? (except not Sunday). For example, if we did this on Saturday, we could discuss at Thurs and Friday GA's what specifically we want to do.

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