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Share your updates

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In the spirit of sharing and cross-fertilization it would be great to hear what everyone is working on... if you have any news from your Org / Projects please share your updates here ;)


Oli SB Tue 24 Jan 2023 12:26PM

Hi All, quick update about Murmurations, our regenerative economy decentralised mapping project:

We are now gathering more entries in the Index and Transition Towns and the EcoRestoration Alliance are working on setting up their APIs to add all of the nodes from their maps, so the data is getting more comprehensive. :)

Geoff and team have built an excellent map-based Index explorer, which renders all of the 30,000 nodes in the Index with geo coordinates on a highly filterable map - it's already quite a useful resource for finding regenerative economy Orgs and projects, check it out here: https://map.murmurations.network/ it's not a full 'aggregator' so doesn't pull in all of the details contained in each profile, but does enable you to click through to find out more, and can be easily filtered in several different ways, check out the short demo video here: https://player.vimeo.com/video/791872327

And, if you'd like to add your Org to the map, check out the step by step instructions and video here: https://docs.murmurations.network/guides/create-a-profile.html

Hope you like it - please shout if you have any question?



Kyle Bateman Thu 19 Jan 2023 4:26PM

The Got Choices Foundation just released this research on a commodity index proposed as an independent measure of value: https://chipcentral.net/


dilgreen Thu 27 Oct 2022 8:47AM

If a stack like this made sense (and I don't know that it does, hence canvassing opinion), it would potentially offer ppl without deep tech skills, but with a degree of formal clarity about what they want to do, to build and host services relatively cheaply (time and money).

I can't see that wiki would not be possible in this context, since the core functionality is very lightweight.

i'm not sure that it would offer a great 'content creator' experience, though - although I am really speculating r/n.


Simon Grant Thu 20 Oct 2022 9:39AM

Dil, that looks interesting, and maybe worth adapting for an even less technical readership?

For my part, in this area, my focus is on knowledge commons, and how we can provide web tools for distributed knowledge management and connection of useful knowledge. Sure, that is only one aspect, but for me a very vital one. I'm wondering, is there scope for collaboration in these areas?

My thoughts are partly written in my (rather inadequate and not really up to the job) wiki, at https://wiki.simongrant.org/doku.php?id=t:connecting_useful_knowledge


dilgreen Wed 19 Oct 2022 11:28AM

I'd be interested in any feedback on this - a work in progress proposition for making it possible for our technical needs as we 'scale out' what we hope will be many, many small community apps, which will need to be strongly localised.



Oli SB Fri 14 Oct 2022 3:23PM

Hi @Ben Dunn Flores I just discovered these folks who share similar goals to you, so you may want to get in touch with them too - hope this helps? Oli https://sun-coop.github.io/


Oli SB Thu 6 Oct 2022 2:22PM

Hi @Ben Dunn Flores good to see you at the Meetup - and thanks for posting about your project... Did you see Nick's questions below...? Would be great if you could share a bit more so folks here can offer you advice... you might also want to chat to someone at https://www.catalystcollective.org/contact/ ;)


Nick Sellen Sun 2 Oct 2022 9:50PM

I'd love more housing co-ops! looking on your website, I didn't get how the ownership works, who is in the Community Land Trust that owns the property? and what is "the platform" that needs 10% of the CLT ground rent to run? are you a co-op too? how does it relate to https://www.radicalroutes.org.uk/? thanks!


Ben Dunn Flores Thu 29 Sep 2022 11:03AM

We're working on replacing private renting with housing co-ops, and thanks to all the people we spoke to yesterday!

We're now exploring a variety of MVPs, including apps to help co-op homes run smoothly. If you live in a co-op home and feel like there's a part of life that takes way too long and is way too frustrating, please get in touch.

Looking forward to future meetups,


PS: our website is rentless.co, and my email is b.dunnflores@gmail.com


Oli SB Mon 22 Aug 2022 9:15AM

@Josh Fairhead , posted this update via email (and gave me permission to share it here) which contains some useful info and links ;)

Good to hear from you, especially the update on Planet. There's some really useful work there!

It's probably relevant to share that we (LunarPunk Labs) won the Odyssey hacakthons SSI track last year with something similar called 'Hermitage' if you scroll to the bottom of the page here, and are just in the process of booting the 'business' up again... 

We'll be providing methodology development and ontological design to the ReFi space (I ended up as 'ledger governance coordinator' for a while). We're working with their science team at the min to boot up a 'ReSci' DAO. Eventually we hope to convene scientific experts to direct said regeneration, but for now we're working on helping Ethic hub provide small holder farmers loans to bypass the sharks in Mexico - which is a project already touching lives.

Either way, I thought it might be useful to share our Holochain codebase, which is admittedly a bit stale by now, but may aid some front end development on planet? You can download download this preto-type here (and it runs a little bit): https://github.com/LunarPunk-Labs/hermitage (or perhaps this repo... things were pretty chaotic during the hack). 

Defiantly messy and needs some proper design either way, that said there is some pretty decent work here as well with user stories.

Hope you get some good upcycling from this ;)


tyler malin Thu 18 Aug 2022 4:14PM

Solidarity is the word on my mind recently. A bond of unity or agreement between individuals, united around a common goal - that focus on what we have in common, the feeling and bond that is created by working together to achieve a goal, is a powerful and mysterious reward for cooperation at scale. I have been working with my small team on ReSeed.Farm is a novel blockchain protocol focused on democratizing access for small farmers to the voluntary carbon market. We have been working with a community of indigenous farmers in Brazil for the past few months, working to quantify their ecosystem services. In the process we have engaged a crew of amazing collaborators from around the world - this process of a shared goal, willingness to push to make change happen builds a team, creates cooperative feedback, and just feels great. I welcome you all to take a look and get involved!


Kyle Bateman Thu 18 Aug 2022 3:39PM

I continue to develop MyCHIPs, an open-source mutual credit exchange protocol similar in purpose to that described on creditcommons.net, except more fully distributed down to a direct peer-to-peer level. The server software is far enough along to support large scale simulations and we are now developing a mobile application to connect users to the network.

MyCHIPs has the potential to create an unmanaged, world-wide mutual credit commons that transcends borders and cultures, making credit more universally accessible and producing a stable medium of exchange resistant to inflation and deflation.

Looking for a worthy project to work on? We need help from good people with every skill set! Please reach out if you can join the team.


Trevor Hilder Tue 16 Aug 2022 4:15PM

Hello, everybody. My wife Sonia and I are helping to fund Equal Care Co-op and I am assisting them with the development of their ICT platform and scaling up to become financially viable: https://www.equalcare.coop


Billy Smith Sat 30 Jul 2022 2:42PM

Update 1:

  • There have been a numbers of delays with a range of causes, partially due to my medical circumstances, partially due to the change in my functionality due to the level of my disabilities, and, partially due to my working on this by myself.

  • Continuing the CNC build-out's.

  • Continuing to look for other collaborative partners.

If anyone know people who are interested in Hardware Design, have experience in Design-For-Manufacturing, Software Engineering for control of Hardware systems, and ,are interested in building hardware to fullfill the some of the niches from here, http://resiliencemaps.org/ then i would be grateful. :D

I'm of the opinion that we can build a better world, and, that we can generate a profit/surplus through doing so. :D

Then we'll have the spare energy to work on the larger problems. :D


Billy Smith
Sat 30 Jul 2022 2:22PM

I like the overall aim, as that sounds like a nice future to create. :D

We do need the larger conversations about the blueprints, so the realisation of the vision can be distilled to a set of site-specific, climate-specific, and, context-specific, practical steps that people can follow through with. :D


Poll Created Wed 27 Jul 2022 6:41PM

If the World Would Be Managed by the People and Not the Oligarchs (Nazi/Eugenicists). A Vision/Strategy Closed Sat 30 Jul 2022 6:01PM

by Mofwoofoo Sun 31 Jul 2022 1:07AM

It got 100% agreement. Thanks to the one person who responded. Now, it is serious that people look at the John Perkins video "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" and the 7 minute animation explaining horizontal governance as the antidote to a long history of intimidating, threatening, and murdering heads of state to gain surreptitiously control of an entire country. This is the "deep state" that apparently every country has.

We could make a world that benefits everyone including the environment. Let me share a vision, not a blueprint. Each continent would have its super quantum computer with AI to sort out the needs and offerings (services, goods, and resources) of every village and city minute by minute. This could be coordinated on a world scale. It would be managed horizontally with no central authority. It could also be used as a repository for all innovations. There would be an agreed upon social contract that guarantees human rights, perhaps similar to the United Nations Charter, which unfortunately, is not currently followed. The platform for organizing would be horizontal governance, which is extremely transparent, autonomous, and virtually incorruptible, politicians and lobbyists would not exist (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wywMhg604W8).The world would be confederated under the social contract, for the purpose of collaboration and cooperation.The aim would be to create social environments where everyone flourishes. Where the needs that all humans share would be most easily met. A world of caring, of unconditional love for everyone and respect for the environment. There would be no militarization. It takes one generation for people to be acculturized (look at Germany). If there is a healthy, just, and caring culture, there would be a healthy, just, and caring people. A society, if not controlled (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btF6nKHo2i0) by psychopaths, narcissists, nazi/eugenicists (https://canadianpatriot.org/2021/05/09/for-victory-day-its-time-to-think-about-finally-winning-wwii/)or anyone is dependent on the quality, the personal integrity and empathetic ability of the people. We need societies of honest, kind, reliable, caring, rational, and humble people if we are ever going to create the more beautiful world that every heart longs for. I know from living in a small intentional eco-community (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aopmklhT88), that we can only succeed by having people with noble characteristics. One person lacking these, can undermine and destroy the community. The same holds for the macrocosm, the whole world.And thus there is the existential conundrum: We need a just and caring society to create just and caring people and we need just and caring people to create a just and caring society. Oh, how can we do this? Maybe, just start doing it, but first we must restructure from vertical to horizontal and rid ourselves of the tyrannous grip of the controllers by organizing on a global scale, by using encrypted apps, by invitation only, like element/matrix.We bring the world to a standstill once again but this time we inform as many as we can to stock up on food and necessities for at least 3 months. The indigenous did it in Ecuador recently with the STOP for 18 days. The truckers did it in Canada. And we demand restructuring ALL governments from vertical to horizontal. And we begin. First however, people need to be informed about what is horizontal governance (link above), and why it is necessary as explained in the Confessions of an Economic Hitman (linked above). We don't need leaders who promote war and militarism, and vaccine mandates that are unnecessary, dangerous, tyrannical, and don't work, that is, that perpetrate crimes against humanity. Or to be constantly propagandized with false information to manufacture our false beliefs, in order to manipulate us. The monopoly that owns and controls the media must be broken. Who decides the daily propaganda? the cia. People can begin being activists by sharing this vision and these 2 videos, and adding their vision to this.


Results Option % of points Voters
Agree 100.0% 1 BS
Abstain 0.0% 0  
Disagree 0.0% 0  
Block 0.0% 0  
Undecided 0% 1 M

1 of 2 people have voted (50%)


dilgreen Wed 27 Jul 2022 10:06AM

Bristol Pay have proposed a local economies conference (UK focus) for this autumn, and we're hoping to collaborate on / contribute to that initiative - especially hoping to kick of a peer-to-peer support community for the many local projects in the UK which tend to remain quite siloed.


Oli SB Thu 28 Jul 2022 9:18AM

This is the magic of this community! Someone always knows someone who can help you... the more we care and the more we share, the quicker we will all get there! ❤️


dilgreen Wed 27 Jul 2022 4:42PM

Hi Guy,

Have to say that I don't know Charlie and would be grateful for an introduction.

Dil Green

Mutual Credit Services ( https://mutualcredit.services )

digital anthropology blog ( http://www.digital-anthropology.me )

Open Credit Network ( http://opencredit.network )

@dilgreen on twitter and generally

Use this link to book a half hour slot with me!


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Guy James Wed 27 Jul 2022 10:08AM

I presume you already know Charlie Fisher but if not I can introduce you. He is well versed in the UK housing sector and DAOs.


dilgreen Wed 27 Jul 2022 10:03AM

About to send out invitations for a significant new initiative - the Commons Housing Society model. Anyone with expertise / experience in UK housing sector and on the look out for a powerful new progressive idea, let us know and we'll ad you to the invite list.We're looking at launching a DAO to underpin this model, too.


dilgreen Wed 27 Jul 2022 10:00AM

With the Credit Commons Society working with locals in Brixton to build a community financial empowerment programme - starting with engagement events, leading on to a co-design education programme, alumni of which will be supported to develop projects within their communities and connect those together. - Brixton mint is that name of that project - we are through to round 2 of a Lambeth fund with a £70k ask, and £15k already promised.


dilgreen Wed 27 Jul 2022 9:57AM

Also development work going on in India - working with a local social entrepreneur in Nagpur to build a local high street shopping vouchers to enable more exchange without bank-money and strengthen local resilience - building a prototype for user testing r/n. Also Credit Commons Protocol ledger based.


dilgreen Wed 27 Jul 2022 9:56AM

Also, have development work going on in Sweden - supporting a barter coop to relaunch there with software on a Credit Commons ledger back end.


dilgreen Wed 27 Jul 2022 9:55AM

Tom and I at Mutual Credit Services are building localloop.network - now with participation from Lancaster City Council, the local Chamber of commerce and three large business networks. Building to launch in autumn.


Grace (Rebecca Rachmany) Wed 27 Jul 2022 6:32AM

Our update is we are hard at work and about to launch a DAO for the Priceless Economics project. It's not yet public but expect that to happen before September 1st. Will keep y'all posted.


Matthew Slater Tue 26 Jul 2022 5:37PM

Greetings all.

I'm still running 300+ Francophone LETS platforms via Community Forge.

But the news is that working with Dil Green in London and others, the credit commons is becoming a thing! We have a reference implementation, A small swedish barter network using it, and I'm working towards my 300 sites using and trading with each other via Clearing Central, the exchange of CES exchanges.

For the uninitiated, the Credit Commons is a protocol for logging mutual credit obligations, and an implementation of the protocol is a mutual credit ledger. By using this protocol as a standard it is possible to connect together ANY number of complementary currencies in human sized groups in a tree structure.


Oli SB Tue 26 Jul 2022 2:43PM

Hello All,

It’s been a bit quiet here lately, but that’s set to change as we roll out some changes and updates at The Open Co-op.

To kick things off we’ve updated our website, clarified our vision, purpose, mission, and organisational structure and launched an updated explanation of PLANET - our evolving design for an ‘operating system’ for the collaborative, regenerative economy.

Have a look and let us know what you think?

We’re also developing ideas to run some crowd-funding and crowd-sourcing experiments, and would love your feedback and input on those (see the other threads)… and...

If you’ve got news to share from your projects and networks please post updates here, in this thread - we’re all too busy working in our silos and need to keep sharing our knowledge and news!

In cooperation!



Oli SB Mon 13 Sep 2021 11:51AM

Hi All - our friends at Greaterthan are running a few events you might be interested in:

  • September 16th | Cooperative Organizations for the Commons: Webinar with Silvia López fromDisCO.coop

  • September 30th | Source and collective leadership: a conversation with Peter Koenig

More details & registration here!



Josef Davies-Coates Tue 26 Jul 2022 7:47PM

Snikket: bootstrapping a user-friendly, decentralized, realtime chat network, by building better UX on top of existing XMPP software like Prosody (server), Conversations (Android app), and Siskin (iThing app). The Android app is ready-to-use, the iThing app is still in beta. The next priority will probably be a web app, to make Snikket available to all desktop users. Followed by native desktop apps. Team are dogfooding the team chat (general@channels.snikket.org).

I've been following Snikket too, looks promising.


Danyl Strype Sun 4 Jul 2021 4:07AM

I have been recovering from the catastrophic lifequakes I experienced in 2020 so I haven't been very productive for a while, nor online much. But as I work on getting back into things, two of the projects I'm trying to support are:

  • Snikket: bootstrapping a user-friendly, decentralized, realtime chat network, by building better UX on top of existing XMPP software like Prosody (server), Conversations (Android app), and Siskin (iThing app). The Android app is ready-to-use, the iThing app is still in beta. The next priority will probably be a web app, to make Snikket available to all desktop users. Followed by native desktop apps. Team are dogfooding the team chat (general@channels.snikket.org).

  • Cashless: a P2P personal cheque app, allowing people to pay for services with promises of future hours of their own services, with an option to back their offer with reserves of crypto-tokens. The MVP is being built using Ethereum smart contracts. The website is only a placeholder so far, but here's an interview with the project lead on the Let's Hear It podcast. Team chat currently takes place on Discord, so I'm subtly working on convincing them to transition to a federated chat system like XMPP or matrix. I think I've convinced them to try BBB in place of Goggle Meat for weekly online meetings ;)


Oli SB Fri 21 May 2021 4:12PM

Hi All,
Another quick update - over the last few months I have mainly been working on:

  • Promoting Meet.coop as an open source alternative to Zoom, powered by renewable energy - we got a great article published on Co-op News - please share via your networks

  • Developing the demo and roadmap for Murmurations - latest update here - more on this soon... please create a profile for your Organisation using the 'Murmurations Map' schema to add your Org to the map - and shout if you can help with outreach for Murmurations...

  • Developing plans for The Open Co-op with @Ollie Bream McIntosh and @Simon Grant including a new project, Open Web Systems, which will provide surveillance free email and Nextcloud, powered by renewable energy - more on this soon!

  • I also listened to a great podcast on Working, Making, Creating in Public, which @mike_hales pointed me to... and a fascinating interview with my uncle, who has written a book on Darwin's Psychology.

What have you been up to?
Do you have any interesting links to share?



Mofwoofoo Fri 1 Jan 2021 5:46PM

We are all a part of something greater than we can imagine. Therefore it escapes our awareness and we are mired in a morass of illusions, and hence we are constantly making poor decisions and easily manipulated. 

That is the status of humanity as we enter 2021. So much has been revealed this year, but it is so fragmented such that everyone is clinging to their beliefs like life preservers in a sea of confusion, that keep us trapped and virtually helpless. 

Thus tyranny becomes emboldened  and slips its noose quietly around our oblivious heads, using the ancient trojan horse strategy, baiting us with spectacularities while they keep tighting the noose. Or using existential conundrums whose outcomes can be predicted, like a microchip that will make life so easy, no more locks and keys or passwords, and your whole body can be read and alerted to any incoherences. It's so great, but they didn't mention that now we can track your every move and even everything inside your body. So, the price was your freedom and privacy, but that wasn't in the small print.

Or your choice: health security (you know, people are dying from covid 19) or civil liberties, freedom? Where have all the Patrick Henry's gone (American patriot, famous for shouting in congress, "Give me liberty, or give me death!"), everyone lines up behind health security. While governments decree lockdown, masks, spacing, crashing our economy, making people dependent completely on the gov'ts. largess, etc. There is no vote, we are being tyrannized in the name of our safety. 

Who is the WHO? Bill Gates. He controls them all: John Hopkins, the CDC, etc. all dependent on his million dollars of donations. So, is Bill Gates a monster or a wonderful guy? And does he have the right to be the dictator of the whole world? He is so clever, that even though he does it right in front of everyone, people still can't see that it is him, and possibly others, his group, his controllers, no one knows exactly, but at least, we can see that he seemingly is orchestrating everything with his fanaticism for vaccinating all  of humanity.

Meanwhile, those who steer the ship, won't turn around, they continue on their course, disregarding the climate crises, taking us straight to the abyss.

Poor, lost humanity, so helpless, so clueless. We can only depend on a small percentage of people who can see through the smegma, who will stand for justice and organize with strategies that will be impactful. Because that is what is also going on behind the scenes. It seemingly is the only hope humanity has left.

In the meantime, the rest of you can be aligning yourselves with the flow and waking up to the reality that we all must learn to be master servants and escape the conditioning of competition, ego enhancement, and closed-heartedness. And to more than embody the love who we are, but to find ways to restore justice and humane, ethical behavior to all of humanity, embracing our connection with all life, and the sacred quality of it all.

 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wywMhg604W8&feature&fbclid=IwAR1Jgfhv0GdZjEHiN2JLB85i1AAg6sLeWF85yY-DH7HqzH01aUqjrnZ3ezg) utopiacornucopia.or


Mofwoofoo Fri 1 Jan 2021 5:27PM

Message to the World on the Beginning of 2021 (Calling Out Tyranny)


Guy James Fri 1 Jan 2021 10:37AM

Hi Grace, it might be an idea to get in touch with diana (at) pandorahub.co - she is Catalan but speaks English well. She knows a lot of these projects and some people interested in doing this kind of thing, although I think she is stepping away from it herself. Also she has a week's holiday now so you may not get a reply immediately. :)


Grace (Rebecca Rachmany) Thu 31 Dec 2020 10:03AM

UPDATE: Stage 1 of my Sufficiency Currency project went amazingly well, despite the time at which I was traveling and all the potential problems that could have happened. I successfully visited 7 ecovillages in Slovenia, Italy and Spain, and got the go-ahead from GEN-Europe that they want to cooperate with me and I can use their name as collaborators for the fundraising effort.

Stage 2 is the fundraising effort, which is what I'm doing now. Together with GEN, we are creating a 1-year living-learning program for families to come to an ecovillage in Europe. The program is targeted at high net-worth families who are interested in regenerative projects and/or travel and learning experiences with their family. This is a way to do travel in a safe way. I'm definitely looking for good ideas about how to spread word of this program among the right target audience (it must be fundamentally word of mouth, no social media/advertising). More about the project is at www.voiceofhumanity.one

Also, we are having weekly meetings at 4pm UK on Wednesdays. The topics range fairly widely, but in January most of the topics are focused on community currency and economies.


RobertD Sun 27 Dec 2020 2:59PM

I’m reaching out to the group now because, in conjunction with day job, I am now exploring the application of cooperatives to promote cooperative innovation between the US Government and industry, and am wondering if any of you have ever run into any similar cooperative initiatives in the world, perhaps in the EU or other Government bodies. I’m preparing to discuss the concept with a couple of US Government executives in two weeks, and have backing from my company to explore the idea. The initial focus is a platform cooperative focused on a software factory focused on accelerating secure, cloud-based software ideation, exploration, development, testing and deployment. We’re also looking at broader applications to support Government-industry R&D in healthcare and other areas if the approach takes on.

I’m also quite interested in your thoughts on how such a cooperative might be structured, particularly because of your experiences with a variety of coops and open source initiatives. For example, I noticed that Enspiral put a non-profit in place to own the rights to royalties, and that this is separate from the cooperatives. CrowdWorks is a platform cooperative, co-founded in Washington, D.C., by @brandondube, that has used a new flexible legal structure called a Limited Cooperative Association that has been put in place over the past few years in a number of US States and the District of Columbia. I’m looking at leveraging that construct particularly because it’s easy to form, govern, secure investment, and enables rapid growth. The latter is specifically interesting because I’m looking to engage a wide range of citizens who use Government services as partner members to provide guidance and input into service requirements, as well as companies that help deliver those services as investor members. Brandon and I both have long-term experience in this space.

I would most welcome any insights and of you might share, and can setup a follow-on conversation to discuss further if there's interest.

Thanks very much,



Billy Smith Sat 28 Nov 2020 12:15PM

Hi all,

I've been working on all kinds of things related to Open-Source HardWare design.

As you may be aware, my main focus is OSHW design for the primary industries.

I've been a member of London HackSpace for over 10 years, and working on hardware for generating energy more effectively from a given amount of land.

This includes wind-turbines for micro-generation, power-storage systems, and, crop-growing systems giving better crop-yields using less input resources.

All of these designs are aimed at groups that have the facilities to build their own hardware.

Since just before the lockdown started, i've been taking part in an LLDC-funded course on Digital Design technology, as a way of improving my 3D CAD skills, and looking at how the current SOFTA has advanced.


It's been fun. :D

The price-point of Digital Fabrication has continued to fall, which means that there are more technologies available which are now cost-effective to manufacture for your own use.

This means it would be possible to use these designs as the basis for local-scale infrastructure co-operatives providing the lower levels of the Maslow pyramid for reduced energy cost. :D


Still looking for some more people who would like to contribute and benefit from the work we are doing. :D

If anyone is interested in taking part, please don't hesitate to get in touch. :D


Also, Farmhack 2020 was an excellent weekend of discussion, making, and building.

Definitely looking forward to Farmhack 2021. :D.


RobertD Sun 23 Aug 2020 3:33PM

Thanks @Graham - NationBuilder has an integration with Drupal, so we’re exploring that as well as WP for some aspects. Would just need to be able to search the NationBulder content as well.


Graham Sun 23 Aug 2020 3:21PM

I can't speak for nationbuilder - used it for a short while and wasn't impressed. But that was a few years back and it might be better now. No idea what your needs might be, but Drupal is a great web app framework worth a look, highly extensible, and I see it has support for SOLR - https://www.drupal.org/project/search_api_solr


RobertD Sun 23 Aug 2020 1:01PM

We’re just getting our knowledge sharing platform cooperative off the ground, starting to form small groups to discuss the concepts and engage potential community members. I’m looking at tools that might help power the infrastructure, and I’m wondering if anyone in the Open Coop community has any experience with integrating non-extractive, open source search solutions that we could integrate into the platform. I’m familiar with Apache SOLR from prior work and found this Open Semantic Search component and the Algolia component that seems to leverage SOLR. I also found a Word Press plug-in, but we’re using NationBuilder to get off the ground, partially because of its self-service nature and built-in support for tracking social capital.

Does anyone have experience with these or other open source solutions?

We’ll keep the group informed as we make progress.

Thanks very much,



Josh Fairhead Tue 4 Aug 2020 3:36PM

Sure, right now Thomas (believe he was in the mutual credit call with you) is hacking away on a fork of Guillems generalised mutual credit hApp to create a resource backed mutual credit hApp called mutualize so that users can account for items (e.g. books). The general idea is to account for resources first and abstract into a medium of exchange, thereby when you add resources you create credit.

Holons... seems there hasn't been a push update to the repo from Roberto in quite a while but I know its on his machine. You can find the demo at holons.hackalong.io but theres quite a bit of redesign and updates to get done still. More text on the project posted here, if your curious of the project you can always ping him via that handle - might even encourage him to release this months commits mawhahaha ;)


Oli SB Tue 4 Aug 2020 1:02PM

Thanks @Josh Fairhead ;)

Can you tell us more / point us to more info on this bit which really piqued my interest!?

Mutual credit projects are steadily moving ahead on Holochain, an Ethereum prototype of "Holons" (appreciative payment splitting - kinda like generalised reputation for the solidarity economy) is pretty much finished and due for a front end refactor soon. 


Josh Fairhead Tue 4 Aug 2020 12:38PM

Thanks for the space Oli, great initiative!

From my side I gathered with members of the Hackalong community at LiminalVillage over the last month or so for some in person cocreation. Many bits that have been happening in a more offline/silo'd capacity were progressed; "Non-dual Identity" and Mutual credit projects are steadily moving ahead on Holochain, an Ethereum prototype of "Holons" (appreciative payment splitting - kinda like generalised reputation for the solidarity economy) is pretty much finished and due for a front end refactor soon. Conceptualisation and design phases for XS exchange has finished and moved into a scoped verticals of producer coops/local markets based on REKO rings and separately we've engaged on the ground stake holders related the Italian hemp supply chain. Lots of documentation and websites to get build for all these bits still to emerge!

I'm also organising an unconf happening around equinox with friends from the bonfire.link crew around themes of internalising of our personal costs to society, open source and self-organisation.

In relation to the above shares; I'm really digging the share on Resonate (as an ex-audio engineer that worked on the CC album by NeonFleaCircus.com back in the day) and super glad to see Murmurations moving ahead, cos network mapping and distributed sense-making is important!


dilgreen Sun 2 Aug 2020 7:24AM

Mutual Credit Services - the collaborative (website not public yet!) that supports the Open Credit Network - is a remarkable thing - we grew from three at the beginning of Lockdown to a regular group of 15 collaborators, and things are moving fast:

  • Invited by London Borough of Lambeth submit a proposal for a local Mutual Credit network to be included in the mix of an already funded £200K plus Central Brixton Area Regeneration project. About to submit a bid for up to £60k for R&D on for in depth survey / audit / analysis of the Brixton economy, working with grass roots orgs as well as business groups. Pilot will be designed around data-science analytics of the results, working with Local Loop among others.

  • Invited by CLES - a local government policy consultancy / think tank with  links to many LAs and a long history - to collaborate on a forthcoming Mutual Credit initiative for the North of Tyne Combined Authority. CLES included Mutual Credit in their most recent paper to Local Authorities as one of five post Covid economic resilience strategies and consider us a delivery partner.

  • Expressions of interest from a significant majority of Social Enterprises in a survey by Resonance Impact Investment.

  • Recent participation by five accountants in private practice in a focus group session on co-developing a Mutual Credit package for accountants to offer to their clients. They are continuing the conversation with us.

  • Lead Organisation of partnership application for >£400k funding. Built application partnership comprising[Bristol Pound, Payji (an electronic money institute), CLES, Resonance Impact Investments and data science consultancy PaxtonSnow. Bid submitted 29 July.

  • Working implementation of the Credit Commons back end is being developed against for a front end proof-of-concept package for internal use - one use-case for the work we are doing is as an internal contribution accounting tool for collaborations.

  • ... and too many important but less defined initiatives to detail!

  • Also worth noting is that, as a collaboration, we are using sociocratic processes to good effect, working consciously for coherence without top-down control.


Danyl Strype Thu 6 Aug 2020 12:14AM

Also keeping an eye on the topic of mutual exchange within the music gig ecosystem.

I can imagine music sites getting benefit out of federating their gig guides using ActivityPub, either by repurposing activist-orientated events promotion platforms like Mobilizon, or integrating an AP federation library into their existing gig guide platform.


Nick Meyne Sat 1 Aug 2020 12:02PM

Hello everyone! Here at Resonate we have won some EU funding for our community credentials project which is the thing we mentioned at the end of the interview with Oli as perhaps having potential for wider, privacy-respecting portability of co-op membership credentials.... mutual recognition of KYC's and so on. There are a couple of other very exciting community projects we have proposed in consortium work but these await funding. We're seeing a lot more interest in the co-operative model for music streaming and perhaps a wider backlash against unfair rewards, 'content farming' and unnerving AI playlisting (heavily based on profiling).

We're always looking for more volunteer help, especially experienced back end-devs to help with new features and to complete the migration to a new administrative system.

Also keeping an eye on the topic of mutual exchange within the music gig ecosystem... we are hugely admiring of the stuff that OCN and IC3 have done! When the community is strong and ready ('cos that's what drives it) we'll be in touch on this.

Also keen to implement Murmurations on our new campaign site.

Thanks for the opportunity to share updates Oli! Good Job!


Grace (Rebecca Rachmany) Sat 1 Aug 2020 10:45AM

The Experiment project is moving slowly but with enthusiasm. The Experiment is a co-governed event about co-governance. The regular weekly meetings have 5 people . We've onboarded over a dozen people to the Dandelion.earth platform. As the initiator, I've declared that we need to get 50 people by the end of August to feel it's a viable project--so our immediate goal is to spread the word.
I'm opening the 5th cohort of the workshop on the Future of Currency/Governance next week. We can still accept a few more people. All details on both events are on my website daoleadership.com
Another update is I'm starting to formulate ideas around sufficiency currencies and coordination--something that could serve as a communication/currency layer among different platforms and sustainable projects. Probably will be formulating something written in the next couple of weeks.


Renata Ballesteros Fri 31 Jul 2020 6:38PM

Hey @Oli SB, what a great idea, thank you for the space for continuity and hard work. On my end, I finished the website for the dreamed graphic design co-op (online at anddesign.org). I'm in the works for incorporating it and recruiting more members, but already have some interesting projects rolling thanks to Open 2020!

We are now hooked up to the Murmurations directory as well :D


Oli SB Fri 31 Jul 2020 2:07PM

HI All :)
Let's use this thread to keep each other up to date and share news.

Since OPEN 2020 I have published all the videos from the conference and the session with Bristol Pound.

I have also been working with Meet.coop, the online video conferencing platform. We've now updated our website and made it easy for anyone to sign up as a User Member or as an Operational Member. Please do spread the word to anyone you think might be interested - You can now sign up for ethical video conferencing at Meet.coop

In other news, at Murmurations, we have been developing plans for an updated structure for the protocol and launched a new forum where we are discussing the integration of the Solidarity Economy Associations Schema and gathering feedback about the new plans - feel free to chip in...