Thu 20 May 2021 8:02AM

Our Community Grants Dashboard

CP Cherish Page-Brooks Public Seen by 25

Now that the Our Community Grants are accessible to all members, I thought it a good idea to discuss the platform and its Dashboard functions. You could be thinking 'oh no, yet another platform'! but read on.

This platform would not be necessary for everyone to learn or use, but could certainly be helpful for managing, collating, reporting etc proposals put forward by Jeder and its members.

Dashboard Functions include; Grants List, Search function, Insights and Calendar. It's possible to curate the dashboard to show what we are interested in, what we have applied for and also add other grants/proposals that are not shown on the website (found elsewhere).

All of this can also be connected to Smarty Grants, which is a data science & grant making intelligence software (provides templates, insights, resources etc).

I am not part of the Dollars Jedi, or Grants Jedlet, so I am suggesting this for your rumination and discussion.

A few questions to get you started;

  • Would it be best to have only some members who manage this?

  • Perhaps some members could be the 'gatekeepers', those who have learnt how it works and can then assist others?

  • Could a Tech Teach, or a series of, be helpful?


Michaela Kennedy Tue 25 May 2021 11:34PM

I like the idea Cherish, yes another platform but useful for those looking for grants. I don't think we need gatekeepers but yes all applications should be recorded through the Dollars Jedi or Grants Jedlet. A process to ensure all Grants are recorded and whatever documentation is required for them is stored somewhere that the Dollar's Jedi has access to. I think Tech Teaches on how to use the platform and how to write grant applications would great. Great find.


Margaret Henville Thu 29 Jul 2021 11:34PM

Great work @Cherish Page-Brooks


Cherish Page-Brooks Fri 18 Jun 2021 6:15AM

That's a great point re competing applications. If the process is that it goes through Dollars Jedi this could be easier to monitor.
The Tech Teaches I was thinking of were for the platform itself, though they may have their own tutorials available as well. Tech Teach on grants more broadly from Jeder could be helpful. Perhaps something to add to the Dollars Jedi flow?


Michelle Dunscombe Mon 24 May 2021 12:01AM

Thanks for raising this conversation @Cherish Page-Brooks My thoughts would be all members can access the site to search for grants applicable to any projects they have. I would think that if members are applying for a grant that it come to the Dollars Jedi to ensure there are not competing applications for any particular grant round. I would also see the Dollars Jedi as the group that could assist others. I'm curious to know what sorts of teach teaches your were thinking i.e. just on the platform or grants more broadly.