Tue 15 Jul 2014 3:21PM

Contribution treatments

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SENSORICA has different kinds of contributions that they wish to treat differently when it comes to compensation.

  1. Some contributions will be eligible for sharing income distributions forever, according to a value equation. ("equity-like")

  2. Other contributions will be like loans, in that they will be repaid over time, with interest, until they are fully paid off. At that point, they will expire. ("debt-like")

Some projects will treat all contributions as type 1, and other projects will treat all contributions as type 2.

Tibi calls type 1 contributions "contributions to projects", and type 2 "contributions to the community". He wants to see those types of contributions separated in charts, as well as in compensation

This discussion will be about how to model those differences in code.

(P.S. I liked Simon Tegg's names for the different types of treatment, and so incorporated them into this introduction.)


Lynn Foster Sat 23 Aug 2014 8:33PM

We're working on the value equation for NRP, using Sensorica's immediate requirements, and also Guerrilla Translators current thoughts on their requirements. Attached is a conceptual flow diagram to get the idea of how it fits. Also attached is a preliminary design for those who want to get into the gory details. No code yet, so of course this is subject to change. :)

We're posting this now because we want to invite any other thoughts about anyone's requirements.

One thing to mention - we are using the term Claim because that is what REA uses. This is the same as Credit as used by BetterMeans.

Any hey, a chance to try this cool attachment button, which I hadn't noticed before! [Edit: very nicely done, loomio people!]


Lynn Foster Sat 23 Aug 2014 9:49PM

@tiberiusbrastavice @staccotroncoso see above post.


Bob Haugen Wed 19 Nov 2014 2:26PM


Bob Haugen Thu 20 Nov 2014 7:04PM

@simontegg @ahdinosaur this version of the software does not handle the Enspiral situation where each individual decides each month how much they want to give to Enspiral. We just handled the requirements we understood for Sensorica, the Guerrilla Translators, and the Driftless Herbal Exchange network. We don't know if Enspiral wants to do anything like this, but if they do, let's talk (maybe after we get this version fully into use; right now all we got working is the sandbox). (And if Enspiral does, it probably should be part of the OpenApps version...)