Sat 6 Feb 2021 1:28AM

Assist in getting the OSGeo membership survey to final status.

EH Ewen Hill Public Seen by 7

The survey of our members appears to have had significant time and effort put into this prior to December 2020. So the new board can understand and prioritise projects, it would be beneficial to deploy the survey as soon as possible. The questions appear to have little risk behind them and an insight into our members would allow for an improved understanding.

Survey: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kdUjke9DWLDLA-o9ktNQPShOHxpXIvlszhAPf6r1II4/edit


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Thank the Outreach and Communications WG and request deployment of the Survey Closed Tue 16 Feb 2021 1:02AM

I propose that the Board recognise the hard work of the Outreach and Communications Working Group in developing the survey and that the board thanks each contributor to the survey so far.

Secondly, the Board to request this working group to provide a final version for approval to the Board in February for release in early March, 2021 and for the board to assist the WG team if required.



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