Notes from our meeting on Tues 20th Dec- please read and take actions

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Notes from 2nd meeting of Networking Group (Bath For Europe)
Present- Paul, Sarah, Don, Alice, Tim, Jane, Julie.
Main thrust of the meeting was to run through previous actions and then determine what support/engagement we require from B4E overall to give guidance to ensure maximum impact.
Large scale (National Protest Events).
20th Feb – One Day Without Us
Day of action by migrant workers within public services to highlight the role they play.
Question for Steering Group- How can B4E and other affiliates visibly support and promote this?
4th Feb- 2nd EU Referendum Rally
Richmond Terrace opp Downing St
Question for Steering Group- is Events team/others geared up for this promoting and organising commitment and travel?? Link with Bristol for Europe?
25th March- Unite for Europe
Question for Steering Group- is Events team/others geared up for this promoting and organising commitment and travel?? Link with Bristol for Europe?
How to keep updated on progress of B4E and keep Networking Group updated if not on Facebook/Twitter.
Paul to send everyone link to Networking Group Loomio site DONE.
There is already a daily update from the B4E Loomio site, but I think you need to be signed up with an account to get it sent automatically- PLEASE ALL CHECK
Discussed about how useful and enlightening it is to join Leave groups, to gain insight.
ALL- consider doing this and engaging positively with Leavers and trying to build bridges and persuade. FYI- I am a member of “Get Britian Out” and Leave.EU on Facebook.
Discussed about the organisation- “European Movement for Bath and Bristol”
Question for Steering Group- Considering they are also named as Bath and Bristol, is there mileage is asking to merge to gain a larger mass of members
Discussed about involvement more face to face.
The “Stall” in town, we think is limited to 12-2pm, if it could be extended to longer hours, it may gain more volunteers as they can be available at different times.
Is it possible to go door to door with our message, for those willing to do so, are there any council restrictions?
Discussed with Alice Sibley (very engaged Uni student) about how the older age group can link with the younger to gain greater mass and on message.
Julie to link up with Alice and gain insight and utilise some of the Bristol for Europe characters
Next Meeting date
Paul to circulate a form asking for availability late January for us to meet again.
Discussed about Steering Group attendance.
So far no one has attended Steering Group. Paul has volunteered but needs a deputy as cannot always attend. Therefore Paul will gain the dates from B4E and circulate in the group asking for volunteers, when he cannot attend.


[deactivated account] Wed 21 Dec 2016 6:17PM

Thanks Paul. You may all be interested in this following last night's discussions:


paul wontner Thu 22 Dec 2016 10:54AM

thanks Julie, I read it, very interesting, I also looked at The European Movement website aswell. There does seem to be traction building on grouping together grass roots groups into greater blocs, but this will evolve naturally....I just hope it is sooner rather than later. Lib Dems/Labour could make a killing on this if they got their acts together, cos the next election is going to be a one subject battle after all..


Tony Ambrose Tue 3 Jan 2017 3:56PM

Hi all,
I have looked at the excellent minutes of the last meeting of networking group. Rather than me comment personally here on separate items, much better if your group can send a rep to each meeting of the steering group, then you can feed into the whole steering group, and decisions can be taken. Just turn up at the Ram in widcombe this Thursday at 6 pm. ends at 7:30. Look forward to seeing one ( or 2) of you.


paul wontner Wed 4 Jan 2017 3:30PM

Hi tony, yes I'll be at the Ram on Thurs.


Tony Ambrose Tue 3 Jan 2017 3:57PM

and do let me know pref today or wed morning any items you want on Thursdays stg group agenda.