I'm still keen to build a metal "The Brink" sign

AW Andrw Waugh Public Seen by 253

possibly as an archway for people to walk under or to put above the DJ booth


Andrw Waugh Thu 22 Oct 2015 4:43AM

either tack weld bits of metal together to spell "B R I N K" or "T H E B R I N K"

or see if we can borrow the plasma cutter again and cut some letters out of sheet metal with that.

Either drill little holes in them and hang the letters off something or acquire some metal mesh and attach the letters to that. Lotsa options depending on what materials we find.


Andrw Waugh Thu 22 Oct 2015 4:45AM

in future - (for Burning Seed next year?)
A static flame effect would be awesome

An archway with metal letters across the top with fire around it.
(high enough that people can't burn themselves on it)


Rory McMahon Thu 22 Oct 2015 6:06AM

I like the idea, we've got a fair bit of scrap already, but a few unusual/interesting looking pieces would be required to really make it look good. Can defs borrow a plasma cutter again.


Jeffrey Reinten Thu 22 Oct 2015 6:16AM

Perhaps we could all go on an excursion to a tip shop and pick up some interesting tid bits.


Rory McMahon Thu 22 Oct 2015 10:57PM

I'm always down for scrap yard adventures, especially when I have a particular art piece in mind.


Andrw Waugh Fri 23 Oct 2015 12:51AM

Could we borrow the plasma cutter this weekend?


Rory McMahon Mon 26 Oct 2015 3:57AM

Conversations with Tom (the guy we were chatting with at FML Sunday night) has left me with lots of scrap metal art ideas.

I'm thinking a scrap metal mutant horse scull as the centre piece of the arch way would be sick.


Jeffrey Reinten Mon 26 Oct 2015 4:27AM

Start a new thread to develop the horse skull idea? Sounds good.


Ariane Bingham Mon 26 Oct 2015 10:28PM

Too many threads to keep up with 😳 Can we just combine this with the frontage convo for DJ booth? All industrial and metal. The front of the DJ area is a big priority arm, this can be made to use towards that look?!


Jeffrey Reinten Wed 28 Oct 2015 7:14AM

I support numerous threads. Just don't follow what you're not interested in.

Merging different threads will create a noise to signal nightmare.


Andrw Waugh Wed 28 Oct 2015 7:25AM

I think it's better to have different threads for different projects.

These are all in a sub-group anyway


Fyodor Krasniy Sun 22 Nov 2015 3:12AM

Sup guys, ok so instead of metal, we can make that archway out of mdf with a bit of solid support, and we've pretty much nailed the horse headpiece together already.. Ill just need to get some ideas about dimensions proper and where stuff can go.


Rory McMahon Sun 22 Nov 2015 11:19PM

sounds great Fyodor, seems like you're ace at making wood look like it's weathered metal anyway! if it doesn't survive in the weather, we can always use it as a template to build a steel version later on.


Andrw Waugh Mon 23 Nov 2015 3:57AM

you're a legend!!


Fyodor Krasniy Thu 3 Dec 2015 3:40AM

Ok, so Im thinking we start patching that baby with metal. If anyone has metal sheeting, Ive got a jigsaw and we can make it a bit more stirdy/badass.

That depends if you guys recon its necessary.


Ariane Bingham Thu 3 Dec 2015 4:33AM

THE BRINK sign behind the dj was amazing!!!! making it stronger and more durable i think is only a good idea as it will make it safer for transportation?!


Fyodor Krasniy Thu 3 Dec 2015 5:23AM

Alright, bring it around mine / to the FML and we can get to patching her up


Rory McMahon Thu 3 Dec 2015 5:31AM

I have loads of scrap metal you can work with at FML


Fyodor Krasniy Fri 4 Dec 2015 1:23AM

Cool cool, Ill see if I schedule something in. I remember we were told that technically we can only be there when you are with us, so just shoot me some times when you're free to work at FML