Thu 19 Feb 2015 11:30PM

ATEC Name Change

LB Louis Burns Public Seen by 110

Now that ATEC is a new school we have two schools with Arts in the title:

  • Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication
  • Arts and Humanities

Do we really need 2 schools of arts?

The name ATEC still doesn't have a good way to brand itself and much discussion has been made about the difficulties students have in describing ATEC.

Should we change the name? And if so, to what? Lets collect some options in the discussion and then create a proposal.

Please keep in mind that this may not even be up for negotiation. I just wanted to post a discussion to get started.


Joseph Rowe Fri 20 Feb 2015 12:30AM

The name should definitely be changed. When I tell people I'm studying Arts and Technology, a puzzled expression appears on their faces and their eyes glaze over. It seems as though they can't reconcile the images of painters, ballerinas, computers and people in lab coats floating in their brains. They are usually too embarrassed by their ignorance to ask what it is.

Any name with an "and" in it is problematic. It shows a lack of focus. Add to that the fact that "arts" and "technology" are each very broad concepts in themselves. It's no wonder people are confused; sometimes even the faculty and students.

I would propose "Creative Technology" as a possibility.
It is still broadly encompassing, but is a little more tangible. It is not perfect, but it is all I have for now.

Now that the governing board has officially adopted the old name, I suspect this whole discussion is moot. Stationery and business cards are probably already being printed.


Jerry Robinson Fri 20 Feb 2015 3:33PM

Name Change...

The most important point on this is whee - when you look for a job - they ask what your degree is IN. Having it is one thing. IF you have to explain what it is, then you are "outside" their small "checkbox" - and that will mean substantial loss of job opportunities... I have seen this happen - frequently..

On the other hand.. "I have a xxx degree from UT Dallas "- matters to get your foot in the door.

I agree with the name change is "moot"...


Wendi Kavanaugh Sat 21 Feb 2015 2:01AM

I actually like the name and blank expressions that may follow. ATEC needs to be explained and it's a great conservation starter.


Natee Prasanpanich Sun 22 Feb 2015 2:39AM

I prefer “Art Technology.” Anyway, “Art(s) & Technology, Art Technology, Creative Technology, Media Arts & Technology/Sciences/Engineering” are not unusual names, even in Denmark. http://www.art.aau.dk/. Many new kind of arts and innovations came out of these programs.

The most unusual name I heard is “Entertainment Technology” at Carnegie Mellon University (offers a two-year Masters of Entertainment Technology degree, jointly conferred by College of Fine Arts and School of Computer Science.)

The weird thing about ATEC was that it was part of the Arts & Humanities. I heard that a professor in A & H said that we should all take a music class, philosophy and ethics to be educated. Unfortunately, the degrees and classes in humanities are not marketable. They are perceived by the insiders (and also the public) as the training in mumbo-jumbo jobs.


John Kay Mon 23 Feb 2015 4:49AM

A new person visiting the university in person or online might wonder in which school arts reside. At a university that emphasizes STEM, what does it say to have two schools with "arts" in their names? But remember that the visual arts program meets in the ATC building. Will they be part of our school?

Thinking old school, I could say that beginning the name with Arts has the benefit of appearing first in the Yellow Pages.