Why have past efforts to organize "alternative" real estate innovators failed?

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This thread was inspired by a poll posted on "Future of Real Estate," a vintage Yahoo group started in 2005 by a group of discount real estate innovators known as LEO's -- Listing Entry Only providers.

Rather than offering one-word replies to the question below, #RE2020 invites discussion:

Is collaboration between competing regional discount brokers effective?


Bill Wendel Mon 12 Feb 2018 2:39PM

Starter list: 5 Reasons money-saving real estate solutions benefit by collaborating

When this dialogue began in 2005, collaboration between regional discount brokers meant something very different than it does today. Five simple points & a call for collaboration:

  1. The opportunity to collaborate extends way beyond discount brokerages which is why #RE2020 seeks to involve multiple stakeholders, particularly those who are already expanding the real estate ecosystem (want examples?).

  2. The status quo -- 1M+ real estate agents saying "we've always done it this way" -- are more of a speed bump, they use anti-competitive practices, play hide & go seek with pocket listings to create an inventory shortage that generates BLIND bidding wars.

  3. Social media sites like Facebook, which has over 2 billion users alone, have created a peer-to-peer networking effect that was unimaginable. Blockchain's potential, not just in real estate but the entire FinTech, SmartCities, etc., will enable P2P transactions.

  4. Remember _____________ in Boston? Why was their brand transformative? The same reason that money-saving real estate business models need to collaborate.

  5. A generation of digital natives is entering the housing market, carpe diem?

Join use #RE2020 on social media, join / share http://RE2020.Loomio.org if you'd like to cocreate a new money-saving real estate ecosystem capable of delivering BILLIONS in consumer savings.

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Bill Wendel Mon 12 Feb 2018 4:47PM

Should we meet offline at MIT to discuss from multiple stakeholder perspectives, using #uLab model?