Wed 29 Mar 2017 7:55AM

Kanaler och Plattformar (Kommunikation, Dokument etc)

M Mattias Public Seen by 361

Denna tråd finns till för att diskutera kanaler och plattformar.
Förslag att använda som nu testas finns listade här: https://tree.taiga.io/project/opener-kesthlm/wiki/home


Chatt och löst prat (med möjlighet för röst- och videosamtal)

Diskussioner och beslutsfattande (e.g. strategi etc):



External & Marketing






Hugo Guyader Thu 30 Mar 2017 6:58AM

Thanks Mattias - very good to have !! :)


Mattias Thu 30 Mar 2017 7:20PM

@hugoguyader Thank you! I'm thinking this thread should be a place for discussion about the suggested platforms. Thus I have moved the list to a wiki on KESthlm projectboard here where I will keep updating it: https://tree.taiga.io/project/opener-kesthlm/wiki/home


Gianluca Chimenti Thu 30 Mar 2017 7:13AM

Should I start taking the lead in the website?


Mattias Thu 30 Mar 2017 7:42PM

Great If you want to take lead on website! I suggest you write to @pernillan. She was looking at http://getlektor.com/ running on https://pages.gitlab.io/ to be as user-friendly (CMS like Wordpress), cheap (only domain) and collaborative (everything open) as possible. :)


Pernillan Fri 31 Mar 2017 9:21AM

Yes! I haven't tried out that solution before but my fiancé recommended it so I could probably get his help setting it up, if not anyone else feels like getting a go at trying that? Another option could be to set up a WordPress install if people are more comfortable with using that? We will need a theme then though and I hate selecting themes.... ;) Hence curious to try something else than WordPress...


Mattias Fri 31 Mar 2017 10:25AM

I think it sounds great if you can get his help. I really recommend not getting WP, apart from the hassle selecting themes it's annoying maintaining and also very insecure... So yes go go fiancé-support! ;)


Emma Öhrwall Mon 3 Apr 2017 8:32PM

Do I get it right, you discuss Koll Eko Swe now? And at that website KEGbg och KESthlm vill be represented but each org will also have their own website?


Pernillan Tue 4 Apr 2017 9:12PM

Yes that is my understanding! I chose to register www.kolleko.se instead of e.g. www.kesthlm.se as I thought it might be good to have one central location and a place to offer other potential local groups some space online. I'm thinking we in KESthlm could have our info at e.g. www.kolleko.se/sthlm and www.kolleko.se/gbg we could redirect to www.kollekogbg.se. What tool have you been using for that site by the way?


Mattias Sun 23 Apr 2017 9:12PM

Cool @pernillan! I believe that is a good choice of domain. There could be a simple page like this one: https://wiki.lineageos.org/contributing.html with a template on how people could set up their own local-organization page. The collaborative project LineageOS (which helps people to prolong Android smartphone lifetime cycle) has a pretty interesting collaborative structure. :)