Wed 3 Mar 2021 1:06PM

New UK Democracy Resources (launching tomorrow)

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Afternoon, everyone. I’m helping to kick off a weekly ‘democracy sector’ meetup: Thursday afternoons at 2pm, where we jot down and share news, plans and updates. Half an hour max, bish bash bosh.

Add a calendar reminder, or see the doc we’ll be working in, here: https://democracymeetup.org.uk/

We’re also starting up a moderated email discussion list with a concise weekly bulletin aggregating all the activity across the sector. This will include a digest of updates from the meetup.

Subscribe to the discussion list here: https://democracymeetup.org.uk/discussion-list

Be sure to check out the new UK Democracy Handbook, which all of this information feeds back into. A co-created online digital resource - if XR Future Democracy has any data, funding, jobs, guides, or any other resources, please add them in!

Love & Rage,

James Moulding


C.A.Scott Wed 3 Mar 2021 3:42PM

Hi James,

Without a doubt there is a BIG need to fight to regain democracy and due process also return to Law and order – stop Politicians lying – end Foreign ownership of News Media – end informal Funding for Political Parties – end Lobbying

My point is that this is an issue which is well covered elsewhere

We need ONE Badge – with a minimal set of Policies which all anti Brexit anti Tories can support.

It does not need discussion it need action on a social media the involves a wider grouping –

Before anything will change there has to be recognition that a Foreign Agent undermined UK Political process --- they controlled both Main Political Parties --- if you like others think that Starmer led Labour will unite – think again –
they have supported Brexit from day 1 and Lied about their true intention to their membership.

July 2018 the Electoral Commission Report to Parliament - Vote Leave Broke the Law – that alone made the Referendum Result UnLawful - that aside the E-C also uncovered “Serious Offences” these can be understood as Serious Criminal Offences
– these were referred to Met Police for investigation –

What happened James – there was a Crime committed on a Par with a gang robbing Brinksmat, and Corbyn-Starmer et al Silent ---

There were 14 sitting MPs who were part of Vote Leave – many were Ministers in the May Govt – Leader Of the Opposition Corbyn had a Duty to represent the 42 Million People who did not Vote Tory or to Leave—he should have demanded those
Vote Leave MPs be suspended from Parliament, pending the outcome of the investigation - bear in mind that this was 2 years or so later – the Report to Parliament informed those MPs and other V_L group that a crime had been committed and that there were other
Serious Offences referred to Met Police – Not one decided that they had nothing to do with the crime – they had all known this was coming as there was a whisteblower – they could have had their say to the E-C investigations – No --- all Aid and Abet

Corbyn-Starmer – should have had these MPs suspended =End of May Govt == End of Brexit = General Election --- One for the Horrors of the Labour Party Black Museum.

By my thinking – the Official Opposition where all MPs have a Duty to Uphold the Law – actually assisted the May Vote Leave Govt to bury the Offences as having and investigation would have stopped Brexit

James it gets worse ...

In late 2019 Johnson Govt in we are going to have No Deal – there was a take over in HoC and a Motion to Form a Government of National Unity was in play – 30 or so Tory MPs wanted to sac Liar Johnson- Govt – to do so the combined opposition
needed to elect a new Leader and go to the Queen

Corbyn refused to step aside so that there was a Majority support for a Neutral MP thereby Corbyn-Starmer et al must go down in History as the only Labour Leadership to Stop Tory Back Bench MPs from sacking their Prime Minister and ending
the Tory Govt ---- for the second time we have Corbyn-Starmer et al keeping a Tory Govt in power to allow Brexit to continue.

Before we the People can get Democracy back on track these two instances have to be made known to the wider public not just Labour Party members

It was not just the Tory ERG - the worst offenders are those who are least expected --- it becomes clear that Both Main Parties were forcing Brexit on the People --- Since they had to lie to make this happen they knew that the people would
reject Brexit because there are No Benefits

Poses the Question – Neither Party was working in the best interests of the country – so who were they forcing Brexit on the UK for –

It also creates a massive illegal quagmire – the Vote Leave 2016 Brexit Referendum Crime – was not closed down – the Serious Offences were buried these past 2.6 years – that means that the Vote Leave crime is still ongoing.

It also means that since Parliament did not call the Referendum Null & Void due to the Vote Leave Crime making the outcome Unlawful – the Whole of Brexit Legislation which has been promoted by the Vote Leave Offender is likewise unlawful.

I hope this has raised your eyebrows – Google E-C Report 2018 and Vote Leave crime

Best Regards

Al Scott

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Will Franks Wed 3 Mar 2021 4:41PM

Hey James

This is awesome! Great great stuff. Do you have an email invite to this project you can send me?

If so I will forward it onto my whole list of UK democracy contacts gathered from working on Flatpack Democracy etc.

keep it up! :) hope to see you in the not-so-distant future


will xxx


C.A.Scott Wed 3 Mar 2021 5:07PM

Hi James ,

The point that I would make is that if the “Joined up Opposition to the Tory Govt is to have any effect then it has to be one Badge - One Flag need to mobilise all anti Tory anti dictatorship BUT there are only two ways to change
the Status Quo 1/ get a massive majority in Parliament and get the Tories into Jail and change the politics to PR and a federal UK with 6 x English Assemblies to match Scotland/Wales/ NI or 2/ Outright revolution and throw Tories and cohorts from Labour
Lead in jail.

But we need ONE Flag -

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Barnaby Flynn Thu 4 Mar 2021 1:14PM

One flag. I think we need one global flag, for local national and global Earth Citizens' Assemblies. I'm editing the proposal at present. See my post below.


C.A.Scott Thu 4 Mar 2021 1:55PM


At Barnaby I am OK with the Global Idea – however you need to get one country on board first – if that is UK you have to dislodge the incumbent Govt and Parliament – so that this can become policy and turned into a “New way of Politics”.

I like Global – how Global are you at present - HyPulJet is a concept for a H2-O2 Combustion Internal Steam Pulse jet Rotary Engine- generator – there are 3 innovators – H2-O2 Production Units and Flow Fuel system = development & initial
modelling by HyPuljet Ltd Partner in India. --- Generator Magnifier here in UK

HyPulJet Integrated Hydrogen Power Unit - a belief that we can get energy/power from water – 95% the theory will work –

We are looking at Crowd Funding -and I have been trying to connect to XR to get people power to invest small amounts - This is not a scam the development is planned with technical University Berlin and CF take Place on SEEDrs CF Platform.

A Hydrogen Engine INPU will be able to Retrofit 400,000.,000 existing on the road petrol/diesel vehicles by 2030 – 31 We intend to Licence Auto maker with Global Contracts – also decarb houses =Off Grid consumer gets the financial advantage
– Democratisation of Energy -- Energy Independence

OK up to You – I do have a Social Chapter where Shares are allocated to provide funds to a HypulJet Ambassador for Peace – to fund people/children not to Governments

This can work – lets do it

Al Scott

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Joexr Thu 4 Mar 2021 6:43AM

Fantastic initiative James!!!


Indra Adnan Thu 4 Mar 2021 9:38AM

Anti-Brexit and Anti-Tory is quite a small flag to gather under. For anyone engaged in community activity - which many of us in this group are - the Leavers and Remainers mix neighbourhood by neighbourhood, even families were split. There are far bigger flags to fly that bring people together. Just watch as this government flies the green flag, focusing on jobs (freeports) and don't be surprised if they move towards more community empowerment too. We have to identify much broader, more attractive goals to bring people together -as I know is happening in Trust the People and Flatpack Democracy.


Mofwoofoo Thu 4 Mar 2021 12:17PM

I would like to suggest the idea of restructuring government such that there would be no politicians or lobbyists, a way of governing that is bottom up, real democracy, by and for the people, that is feasible, more effective and efficient and virtually incorruptible. Changing of the guard has proven to be ineffective. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wywMhg604W8.


Barnaby Flynn Thu 4 Mar 2021 12:18PM

Hello. At our Independent Constitutionalist UK (IC-UK) working group meeting this week I proposed we organise a conference to ask the great many democratic reform organisations in the UK,


I am also doing this at the global scale with the Global Democracy Initiative. There are many global democratic organisations also competing with each other for relevance.

I am setting up a Peoples' Assembly where I live (Llantwit Major -South Wales) with Flatpack Democracy, IC-UK and XR Vale of Glamorgan.

This can all be encapsulated in a project I am working on called Earth Citizens Unite:

Dual citizenship. Local, nation and global Citizen's Assemblies and action plan to tackle global problems through the power of subsidiarity. https://globalpeoplepower.org/ (website needs amending to reflect new Earth Citizens' Unite approach.)


Barnaby Flynn Thu 4 Mar 2021 1:12PM

This was my proposed conference draft to IC-UK:

People Power UK Conference. (Demos-people. Kratos-power.)

Part invitation, part challenge to the many democratic reform initiatives in the UK to ask:

·       Date? 6.30PM

How could and should the UK reform its democratic systems?

·       Date? 6.30PM.

What are the key barriers to achieving those goals?

·       Date? 6.30PM.

What would it take for us to work together to achieve our agreed goals?


Power in the UK is being centralised at such break-neck speed that even during the Covid crisis, overt government corruption and incompetence is being met with little backlash nor accountability. Democracy is in its death throws. The centre-ground has shifted further right, extreme views have become normalised whilst the nation is becoming increasingly divided, politically, economically and socially.


Mofwoofoo Mon 8 Mar 2021 2:47AM

Who Is Not Corrupt?

How many people can remember when they stopped their carefree, childhood skipping and never did it again? How many of you can remember when you first discovered that the world is full of corruption, starting with all the governments and working its way down, to the pickpocket on the bus, and the rich man on the hill who makes his living by selling arms. Yes, he has been making a killing of a living out of making it possible for others to kill others, and he has enough money to buy off every politician in town, and he is treated as an honored citizen!

Most everyone knows how corrupt everything is, but tends to ignore it as "just a part of life", or something that one person can't do much about. So, it is almost universally accepted and forgotten, until now, when everything seems to be falling apart, and there is hell to pay. And still people are ignoring it, getting all excited about Biden, the pre AI robotic politician beating the Archie Bunker president, who all on what is left of the left love to hate, and now, he starts off right away bombing Syria. The ongoing tragedy of Syria is horrendous (Top 10 Facts About Living Conditions in Syria | The Borgen Project). 

What is going on in Yemen is so bad, that most people would prefer to look away (Top 10 Facts About Living Conditions in Yemen | The Borgen Project), as well as in many other places in the world.

The mainstream media never mentions the revolutionary actions in N. Syria of the Kurdish people along with at least 10 other equally treated ethnic groups, where the people have redesigned the way they govern, following to some degree the writings of Murray Bookchin, a leading anarchist, socialist, libertarian writer who passed in 2006, followed by their beloved leader Abdullah Ocalan who has been a political prisoner living now 22 years in solitary confinement in a Turkish jail, yet has managed to write and smuggle out 5 books which have inspired the Kurds to set up an horizontal government (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wywMhg604W8), making women's liberation one of their 3 pillars, the others being direct democracy and ecology.

Their ongoing struggle for freedom in N. Syria, the "autonomous zone" called Rojava that they took over in 2013, has been completely ignored by mainstream media while they have been in constant battle with Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Isis. 4.5 million people committed to freedom against all odds. They should be the inspiration for the whole world (go to youtube to see some of their videos about Rojava). The same could be said for the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico who did the same since 1994 and are constantly under siege by the Mexican corrupt government.

Shakespeare wrote about this in his play Hamlet 500 years ago, just to let you know how long this problem has been around. Hamlet, the personification of the ideal man, the young prince, returns home from the university, to discover his father, the king, has been murdered and his mother is now married to the murderer, the new king, and cries out, "Something is corrupt in Denmark". The rest of this incredible play is about what is he going to do about it? The same question that faces everyone, once they discover the degree of corruption that we must live in and under, and by allowing, we all become complicit and thereby corrupted.

MLK said “A man who won't die for something is not fit to live.” The American patriot Patrick Henry is famous for saying “Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for megive me libertyor give me death!” 

If you look at how N. Americans and others are today, one might be ashamed to be associated with such a group. But a more compassionate view might be to recognize how shattered they are as individuals, having to depend on the handouts of a corrupt government and to be constantly propagandized by the corporate owned and CIA directed mainstream media. The result being that the vast majority have been rendered completely ineffectual and impotent.

However when you have around 8 billion people struggling to survive under the barbaric systems that have been imposed upon all of us, one can imagine how the U curve would apply and that with such numbers that at the bottom and on one side of that U curve there are millions of absolutely brilliant people. And that there are among those brilliant thinkers, people who are coming up with brilliant possible solutions to save us from the looming extinction event brought on by us having fouled to such an extent the very environment that all of our lives depend on while the psychopathic leaders of this insane world maneuver humanity into an inescapable hole by putting us in the existential conundrum of having to choose health security, survival vs. our freedom, while bombarding us with lies and censoring the truth, or at least other views, to keep us confused, separated, and at their merciless mercy.

The internet has made  it possible for everyone to see how much we all have in common and how we are all struggling for a better life and a better world.

Yes, we need a new uncorrupted, unspyable, internet, a new uncorrupted, unspyable facebook, a digital network that connects all the millions of disparate projects working to make a more just, equitable, sane, and ethical world, to unify, and to be a force for good. For it is in this that we have a thread of hope to come out on the other side, once this has fully passed, into the age of aquarius, where autonomous utopias (places that are always improving) spring up everywhere by reinventing cities, and humanity recognizes that to be really human is to be humane and kind hearted, and to be a part of one gigantic extended non-dysfunctional family that looks out for everyone, and lives to collaborate, cooperate, and to embody love.