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How to use Loomio

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Welcome to Loomio, an online place to make decisions together.

This is an example discussion thread. You can add comments below. A thread is a conversation on a given topic. This thread is about how Loomio works, so post questions about that here.

You are currently reading the thread context, a space for background information. You can update it as the discussion progresses.

To get started with Loomio:
1. Upload a profile picture
2. Introduce yourself in the Welcome thread
3. Post in existing threads, or start a new one

Tips for posting on Loomio:
* To notify a specific person, type @ followed by their name.
* Click the paperclip icon to add attachments.

If you’ve got questions, check the Loomio help manual.


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Demonstration proposal Closed Fri 8 Feb 2019 8:01AM

This is a proposal, where you can make a decision together. You can start a proposal once a discussion is underway.

Everyone is asked to state a position by the deadline. You can extend the deadline if you need to, or close a proposal early.

You can change your position while the proposal is open. You might reconsider your view as you listen to others.

Sometimes groups work through a series of proposals to build solutions together. You can raise sequential proposals in this thread.

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SKY board meeting Closed Sun 3 Feb 2019 9:02AM


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