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Ideas for the program

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As promised, this is a very rough draft of ideas for the program based on everything that has been discussed so far. If you have time to look at it before Saturday and comment, please do. Otherwise, Saturday will be dedicated to unpacking, changing, adding, removing, deepening the ideas that are here. It would also be nice to think a bit more about the ways in which we might want the discussions to be made (a mix of small groups, larger groups, etc.)


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We did sort of agree to try to use Loomio in the way it was intended so here goes: ___ I'd like to split Gabi's doc into individual threads so we can comment on each separately (if they need any comment). Hope Dorota will either upload her 9 pages of notes or separate them into additions to the comment threads or make new ones. I won't do this if anyone disagrees or blocks. Time is short so I've only given us a short time to decide.


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dorota koziarska Wed 1 Aug 2018 11:22AM

I said I was going to share the document I was working on then realised it was three times as long as I thought and even less structured, I tend to work with a very wide lens and incorporate lots of different themes to then narrow things down; I have now narrowed it down to things I think are more or less relevant, possible and important to somehow include.
some of it is semi-structured under topics/themes; the rest is notes, quotes and thoughts on numerous different articles, workshops, videos etc mainly on decision-making - particularly processes leading to true consensus like choice-creating; dynamic facilitation; diversity and conflict that I find important but am not sure yet what and how can be incorporated into the away day. the green stuff are ideas for activities;
maybe we can discuss it all today and see if we can come up with good balance between presenting/discussing topics and engaging people with the processes


Gabi Wed 1 Aug 2018 1:10PM

Great, thank you dorota!! I'll go through them before the meeting today, maybe we can dedicate most of the meeting to your proposals, since it seems like the first bit of the away day has taken some form already.


dorota koziarska Wed 1 Aug 2018 1:36PM

do you have access to a printer?


Gabi Wed 1 Aug 2018 1:50PM

Not today, but tomorrow yes!


Chris Setz Wed 1 Aug 2018 3:49PM

I have a printer and will bring some copies