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e-NABLE D.C. Outreach Proposal 2024

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e-NABLE D.C. Outreach Proposal 2024

  • Drafted by: Madison Bondoc, Chapter Leader/President of e-NABLE D.C.

  • Date Created: 03 April 2024

  • Date Presented: 05 April 2024

  • Date Updated: 08 April 2024

Project Proposer/Outreach Coordinator

Madison Bondoc has over 5 years of active involvement in the e-NABLE community. Since 2019, she has served as President and Chapter Leader of e-NABLE D.C., the DMV chapter of e-NABLE. Madison has 3D printed, assembled and provided Phoenix hands and Unlimbited arms. During the pandemic, Madison collaborated with e-NABLE Marymount to produce and distribute over 2,000 face shields to frontline workers nationwide. She has also fostered partnerships with organizations like YWCA and the Maryland School of the Blind, hosting hand-building events and printing assistive devices including palm pen holders, braille symbols, locker adapters, etc.

Project Summary

The e-NABLE D.C. Outreach Proposal aims to establish vital connections with individuals and organizations within the Washington D.C. area, particularly those serving individuals with disabilities. Through targeted outreach efforts, the project seeks to expand the reach of e-NABLE, a global network of volunteers utilizing 3D printing technology to create prosthetic devices and assistive tools. By fostering partnerships and collaborations, the project aims to increase the accessibility of 3D printed devices, enhancing the quality of life for individuals with disabilities in the D.C. community.

Project Description

The project will involve part-time outreach activities, ranging from 5 to 15 hours per week, to engage with local stakeholders including disability support groups, rehabilitation centers, schools, and relevant government agencies. The outreach efforts will focus on raising awareness about e-NABLE's mission, capabilities, and the potential benefits of 3D printed prosthetics and assistive devices. Through networking events, presentations, and targeted communications, the outreach coordinator will: 

(1) identify potential recipients of 3D printed devices. 

(2)  establish channels for collaboration with e-NABLE volunteers and makerspaces in the area. 

(3) establish relationships with national disability organizations headquartered in the D.C. area, to develop models and programs that can be adopted in other areas of the U.S. 

(4) develop written guidance for other chapters that can facilitate better outreach in DC and beyond. 

Expected Results & Impact

  1. Increased awareness of e-NABLE and its services among D.C. and national disability  communities.

  2. Expansion of the network of local collaborators, including healthcare professionals, educators, and community organizations.

  3. Identification of potential recipients for 3D printed prosthetics and assistive devices.

  4. Facilitation of partnerships between e-NABLE volunteers and local stakeholders for the design and production of customized devices.

  5. Enhanced accessibility to assistive technologies, leading to improved quality of life for individuals with disabilities in the D.C. area.

Scope of Work:

  • Conduct research to identify key stakeholders and organizations serving individuals with disabilities in Washington, D.C.

  • Develop outreach materials, including presentations, brochures, and digital content, tailored to different target audiences.

  • Organize meetings, workshops, and networking events to engage with local stakeholders and disseminate information about e-NABLE's initiatives.

  • Collaborate with e-NABLE volunteers and makerspaces to showcase 3D printing capabilities and demonstrate the process of creating prosthetic devices.

  • Maintain regular communication with partners and recipients to ensure ongoing support and assistance throughout the device fabrication process.

Project Timeline

  • Month 1-2: Research and stakeholder mapping

  • Month 3-4: Development of outreach materials and strategies

  • Month 5-6*: Implementation of outreach activities and engagement with stakeholders

  • Month 6*: Evaluation of impact, feedback from e-NABLE community, ongoing support for collaborations; if proposal is renewed, refinement of outreach strategies


The proposed part-time outreach coordinator position will require funding to cover salary and related expenses. Based on the scope of work and expected time commitment, a reasonable cost for this position would be $25 per hour. With an estimated 10 hours of work per week, the 6-month cost would amount to $6,000. If renewed for 6 more months, the total annual cost would amount to $12,000.

For outreach materials such as business cards and brochures, the estimated total material cost is $300. 


Wayne Mon 8 Apr 2024 9:42PM

I think that this is a wonderful proposal. For me, the top priority is to establish relationships with national disability organizations headquartered in the D.C. area. This can lead to better access to individuals with needs that e-NABLE can meet.


Sandra Dermisek Tue 9 Apr 2024 11:00AM

If I understand everything clearly, than I have a bit mixed feelings about this proposal. The intentions are great of course. It is really good to get more collaborations and partnerships to benefit the reach of e-NABLE. I am the chapter leader of e-NABLE the Netherlands and I am doing almost everything mentioned above for my country, the Netherlands and also for the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. I expect that some people of other chapters are doing the same thing. I am also aware that doing this takes a lot of time, but more people are doing this voluntary, just like me. Since e-NABLE is a global community I don't think funding should be focussed on only D.C., but it should benefit the global community.


Kyle Reeser Tue 9 Apr 2024 3:55PM

My two cents...

I think all of the points in the proposal are exactly in line with the ethos of individual e-NABLE chapters around the world. We should be working to identify potential recipients of e-NABLE devices and collaborating with local volunteers and Makerspaces to fulfill those needs. Any connections with local stakeholders we make along the way as a result of our work fosters a stronger network, and it's those growing connections that have made e-NABLE what is is today.

This is a lot of work for any chapter and the hope is that the chapter builds a robust enough team of volunteers that it can distribute that load and benefit their area. However, it's not in line with the ethos of e-NABLE as a global distributed volunteer organization to fund positions at individual chapters.

With all of that said, I could see an avenue for a rewrite of this proposal more in line with the e-NABLE fund. If there is a need for such materials (and the entire organization should be solicited for feedback, starting with @Jon Schull) the project could focus on your bullet point:

  • Develop outreach materials, including presentations, brochures, and digital content, tailored to different target audiences.

The intention of the project would have to be the creation of those material templates that all chapters under the e-NABLE umbrella could download, tailor, and use. DC could be a case study in taking your outreach materials and tailoring them to a specific region, and later you could provide insight as to how those materials benefited your particular chapter.

To make this a project, and not a paid position, the proposal should be re-written to be a sum of money in exchange for tangible deliverables and delivery dates so we can assess the value of the deliverables relative to the needs of the larger organization.


Jon Schull Tue 9 Apr 2024 4:24PM

Good points but piloting in DC is a great start. Â

I'm in full support of this  proposal and urged Madison to develop [email protected] cell: 585-738-6696
Co-Founder, Â e-NABLE: volunteers worldwide making free, 3D printed prosthetics
Innovation Fellow, JMK Innovation Fund

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Richard VanderMey Wed 10 Apr 2024 10:37PM

I like the ideas and if Jon supports it I support it. I would like to see this Outreach to extend Nationally, and World Wide if successful. Sorry for the Cliche' but " You have to crawl before you walk, and walk before you run."

I think that any form of Outreach will improve our availability around the world. I would like to see more discussion on the proposal as well.