Thu 3 May 2018 9:11PM


D Dieudonné Public Seen by 305

An option that can help us see us as a global network


Dieudonné Thu 3 May 2018 9:23PM

I'd love to be able to implement this option on our website. To see an example of it :
* https://translatewiki.net/wiki/Translating:MediaWiki#Map_of_translators

I haven't tried to implement it on http://nvc.miraheze.org , but maybe it's not too difficult, since both translatewiki.net and nvc.miraheze.org are based on recent versions of MediaWiki.

Below, a screen copy of what it looks like.

Notice the "Add yourself to map" button below the map. Very easy to use, unlike on this page :
* http://cerclesrestauratifs.org/wiki/Atlas

; )


Brent Barker Fri 4 May 2018 2:41AM

Would be awesome if it could pull from the member directory's location field. Maybe we could automate a script to run every so often to update the map from the member directory.


Bob W Fri 4 May 2018 3:37AM

Yes, since Members share their locations (city and country), we already have this info, and so it would make sense to use that, rather than making people enter it separately. Wonder if there is already any sort of plugin that does something like that? I like the idea of adding a map of members.


Julie Fri 4 May 2018 7:07AM

There's a free plugin that displays a variety of locations within a given city, https://wpgeodirectory.com/, but you need the paid version to display globally. Don't know if it can take members addresses, or whether they all have to be entered explicity (which wouldn't do at all).


Dieudonné Fri 4 May 2018 7:50AM

I did use a plugin to create a map of the participant who gave their Post Code, for this map :
* http://cerclesrestauratifs.org/wiki/Bordeaux_-_Avril_2018/Atlas

This website is hosted at home on a macmini running Ubuntu.

It was the recent two days session with Dominic Barter.

The plugin is this one :
* https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Maps


Bob W Fri 4 May 2018 8:08AM

Interesting. One nice thing about Dieudonné's example is that by changing scale you can see the aggregation/clustering behavior, which is something that the plugin Julie named (GeoDirectory) also supports.

After we get the member application etc stuff set up, we can look into how to set up a map of Members (and a map of Contributors, Partners), etc. Maybe integrating with a plugin like the one Julie identified will be the way to go -- it claims to support huge data sets, which is nice. The clustering/aggregating (so that you only see one icon for a bunch of people who are near together) seems to be the hard part of all this. I hope we rapidly acquire enough Members that such aggregation will be essential!


Brent Barker Sun 6 May 2018 12:57AM

Sounds like this is a desired feature to add to a list of desired features. I don't think we have a separate document set up to hold such a list, is that right?