Remembering Kath Duffy at the annual meeting

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It's important that we take a moment to remember the life and work of Kath Duffy at the annual meeting.

Kevin put me in touch with Jen Karmins, who he said would be the best person to talk to about how best to share a remembrance. Ally, I know you are also closely involved, so I want to seek your guidance on this first before reaching out to Jen.

Can we agree to find a way to share a conversation about this with folks who were close to Kath during her life? I personally find myself lacking in the personal connections to feel comfortable reaching out, but it's very important.

Also, I would want to align the determination of a permanent memorial with the annual meeting. I think the two suggestions are either to attach her name to the equity fund or to name the community space after her. I think both are great, but I'd be interested to hear what others think, including Jen.

Can we please have a dialogue about this here? Thanks very much.


Ally Young Wed 4 Oct 2017 3:48AM

Thanks for posting this, Sean.

Kath's memorial celebration is planned for 11/14, and Jen is interested in folks touring the new Dill Pickle before or as part of that event, and using the date to announce whatever the permanent dedication will become. This would also give us a bit more time to gather a few co-op owners close to her for a meeting to discuss/decide.

The annual mtg would be a nice forum to recall and recognize her foundational work as part of the Dill Pickle story, and invite folks to her Nov celebration.


Ally Young Wed 4 Oct 2017 3:53AM

Also: we put up this page ahead of her New York funeral for relatives/east coast friends to donate to the Dill Pickle project in lieu of flowers. Could talk about how to extend to Chicago networks in November.


Sean Sat 7 Oct 2017 9:55PM

That's a great page. I didn't realize that we were set up to receive donations, which is great. (I'm curious about how we book that, but it's a separate conversation.)

I'm hoping we can set up a time to talk this through after the annual meeting. That sounds great.

Ally, what do you think of taking on the task of presenting this at the meeting? Or perhaps connecting with someone else to take on that important task?


Ally Young Sun 8 Oct 2017 12:53AM

Whoops, wrote the wrong date up top-- Kath's party is actually Nov 4. Coming up!
Sure, I'll coordinate that piece of the agenda-- thinking 2-5min tops.