Thu 18 Jan 2024 3:19AM

Geocart sponsorship

EP Elisa Puccioni Public Seen by 8

as per email chain, we need a decision about sponsoring Geocart 2024 (in August, Wellington). We can chose eventually between a silver sponsorship ($2,500 NZD) or bronze ($1,000 NZD). The decision is only urgent if we want to go for Silver as only 2 spots are available, less so if we want to think about and eventually go for bronze.


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Results Option % of points Voters
Silver sponsorship 50.0% 2 JS EP
Bronze sponsorship 50.0% 2 JS EP
No sponsorship 0.0% 0  
Undecided 0% 7 AL JB EH AC R RM DP

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Jonah Sullivan Thu 18 Jan 2024 3:22AM

Bronze sponsorship
Silver sponsorship

I'm voting for silver or bronze. Silver if we have a volunteer to give a short speech.


John Bryant Sat 20 Jan 2024 7:08AM

I don't have enough information to decide. I want to know how we are tracking financially (possibly running at a loss?), and whether this is within our current budget. This may be relatively easy info for someone to provide but I haven't found it yet.


Rafael Sun 21 Jan 2024 5:46AM

can those polls be bit longer please than 3 days ? also I think that we need to first to approve the budget for 2024 and allocate amount for sponsorship , rather than throwing money ad hoc


Elisa Puccioni Sun 21 Jan 2024 8:09PM

Yes I think we can wait to the next board meeting and/or budget approval. Wouldn’t define sponsor geocart “throwing money” but it’s definitely not essential, even if I still personally think would be a good occasion to be present in and supportive of community organised events.


Alex Leith Mon 22 Jan 2024 10:06PM

Sorry, I'm too late here. I don't think we should sponsor silver. Maybe bronze...


Ewen Hill Sun 4 Feb 2024 6:06AM

Apologies for being late to this. Can we look at a knock down bronze. $500 plus reciprocal rights at our next NZ conference? With an August date, would we pick up any potential for our 2024 conference and are we competing on their turf @Elisa Puccioni ?