2023 March Guild Wide Meeting

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Hi guild mates,

Thank you so much for joining the guild wide meeting on Wednesday. You all rock. Here is a quick recap.

March Guild Wide meeting

When: March 1, 5:30pm EST

Facilitator : Dave

Secretary : Carlos & Max



1) Neighborhood Relationship

- We had a letter shared from 414 management. They initially spoke with Jerone.

- Letter has been shared with everyone.

- PPAC meeting will happen to discuss the approach, possibly inviting Michelle Jackson as a mediator.

- 414 & PPAC will have a dialogue soon. Hosting them at PPAC. Jerone will coordinate this.

2) Financials for PPAC (we're in the end of Q1)

- Updates, review of Max's previous proposals would be done through Loomio and working group.

- Please also take a look at Zickline's section in the agenda.

3) Day of Care March 12th & 13th

- Thank you Carlos and team for doing the Pre-Game. W

- Pre-Game Doc


Please note that starting next week Data x Design Installation is happening till 3/20. @Dave (Surfer)

Thank you everyone and If you have any questions, concerns, please reply to this email.

Love and light