Tue 28 Mar 2017 3:56PM

Can blockchain-enabled HousingID's enable P2P transactions, aggregate Housing Demand?

BW Bill Wendel Public Seen by 348

Widespread adoption may be years ahead but the decentralized real estate marketplace of the future may be enabled by blockchain-enabled identities on both sides of the transaction: PUID's (Property Unique ID's) on the supply side and #HousingID's on the demand side.

Let's beginning moving into that future by connecting two events tonight in Boston:

Step 1: Learn more about Housing Demand in @CambMA / Greater Boston 6:30pm tonight at an event hosted by @ABetterCambridge featuring research by @MAPCMetroBoston


Step 2: Walk two blocks from MIT's Strata Center to join a Mass Legal Hackers working session entitled Tools and Rules for Blockchain-Backed Individual Identity


The events overlap and timing will be tight but let's leave the first session early and arrive at the second session late. To learn more about the call to connect Municipal ID's to OPEN #HousingID's, see:


For more information, contact:
Bill Wendel