Work for the Unemployment Benefit

EO Eric O'Kane Public Seen by 14

Keen to hear members ideas on getting our unemployed into work. Totally agree with John Minto's right to work initiative. What are your thoughts?


The Working Poor Class Sun 3 Aug 2014 3:36AM

Hey here's an idea!.. what about just work and no unemployment benefit, because the work one would get, would be paying decent enough wages that NO benefit would be needed. The Employed Yet Unemployed
Benefit is slave trading dolled up... excuse the pun.


Eric O'Kane Sun 3 Aug 2014 8:48PM

Sounds great how do we create those jobs?


The Working Poor Class Sun 3 Aug 2014 9:42PM

We need to get back work contracts taken by other Countries that are producing once NZ manufactured products. Since NZ have laws against child labour and the like, the only marketable sales line we have would be Quality over Cheap. However, that idea is a Tui's Beer Ad.

The only realistic ways I can think of to create jobs and amp up our economy are, Oil rigging, mines, casino's and everyother hideous money making earth killing human concept.