Wed 21 Apr 2021 7:28AM

Ratify the proposed communications strategy

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I move that the board ratify the communications strategy, this draft contains minor edits based on the suggestions and comments provided by the board and working group. The strategy is located here:


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Do you agree to ratify the communications and outreach strategy? Closed Wed 5 May 2021 7:01AM

Comments from both the board and working group have been incorporated into the final draft - the main changes include how work is divided up and additional larger external groups included in the outreach audience.


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dionne Wed 21 Apr 2021 7:33AM


Obviously, I agree with my proposal


Edoardo Neerhut Wed 21 Apr 2021 7:33AM


Thanks for all your work putting this together @dionne. Now to support you in implementing it.


Carrol Chan Wed 21 Apr 2021 7:33AM


Great strategy and such an easy read too. Happy to support any way I can.