Wed 28 Dec 2016 2:23AM

option to ignore *comments* from people on 'ignore' list

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I would like to be able to block comments from annoying people. People on my ignore list are folks I want to have zero interaction with. I just want them blocked from my view.


Juan Santiago Wed 28 Dec 2016 3:22AM

Oh !! Yes!! The sacred right to breathe in peace.


SuperTux88 Wed 28 Dec 2016 3:23AM

Ignored people CAN'T comment on your posts, that is already working.


Juan Santiago Wed 28 Dec 2016 3:28AM

But, It's about ignoring 100% (you do not exist for me)


Birne Helene Wed 28 Dec 2016 5:55AM

Hmm... is that really necessary? I mean, nobody forces you to read what somebody else felt compelled to write. If somebody annoys you, just stop taking notice. (In real life that's more difficult, agreed. But we are talking of the internet, aren't we.)

Besides, you can
a) ask the post's author to delete comments you find insulting, and
b) hide the whole post from your stream.
I'd say that's sufficient.


Chris Wed 28 Dec 2016 4:37PM

How can I ignore the trolls if I can't ignore the trolls.


Chris Wed 28 Dec 2016 5:12PM

If somebody annoys you, just stop taking notice.

That's what I'm trying to do. A lot of people can just "tune out" TV commercials. I can't. I either have to hit the mute button or turn off the TV in order to not be mentally barraged with unwanted messages. I know I am not alone in this.

I want a particular person to quit uglying up the conversations in my stream with his racist and misogynistic bullshit. The thing is, he has the right to his opinion. But I am under no obligation to have that shit on my computer screen. Could someone please allow me the capability to participate in the wonderful community of Diaspora*, while simultaneously removing this one asshole from my view?

P.S. I know that a user is prevented from commenting on my posts when I ignore them. And thank the devs we at least have that. I am talking about ignoring or greying out comments from people on other people's posts. Just to make that clear.


Birne Helene Thu 29 Dec 2016 5:49AM

I know. But isn't what you're proposing something you can do without technical assistance? Or, in other words: Would not working on one's equanimity be the more effective approach? Considering that people do change every once in a while?


Juan Santiago Thu 29 Dec 2016 1:09PM

No, with the first coffee in the morning, while the news, I do not feel like doing mental and visual slalom to dodge idiots, my personal time line of being, just that, personal.


Birne Helene Thu 29 Dec 2016 1:27PM

Well, if it is a personal matter, then why demand for a technical solution? I really fail to see your point.


Juan Santiago Thu 29 Dec 2016 1:44PM

Okay, let's stop developing Diaspora* right now, Diaspora is a tool for people, so, people do not need solutions, we dedicate to watching television, television is not for people, television is for masses, everything is the same for everyone , Prefabricated contents that you should eat as the capital sends or do not eat, because ... if that is what we want, stop the development of free networks right now.


Chris Thu 29 Dec 2016 6:41PM

The whole point of this free network (well, part of it) is that we can tailor it to our needs and desires. If we should mentally filter out what we don't want to see, then why have a 'stream' with customizable 'aspects' at all? Why not just have a firehose?


Birne Helene Fri 30 Dec 2016 6:06AM

Because firehoses rarely fit into fibre cables? No, joke aside, I see your point, but I hope you also see mine. It's not a "grown-up" attitude demanding from someone else (a technician, e.g.) to do things that are his own duties. And to think for yourself, and to decide by yourself is a human's foremost duty.


Joey Castillo Fri 30 Dec 2016 3:44PM

Solving the problem of online bullying and harassment is absolutely a technical problem for social networks to solve, and given the prevalence of the problem, I'm a bit surprised this is controversial. Relentless harassment has forced users off of Twitter. Cyberbullying has led to suicides. Software can try to be neutral, but in the end, the choice made either empowers the harasser or the harassed.

The block feature itself is a tool to empower users to curate what they want to see. Expanding an option to make it global — if comment.author.blocked next —makes the tool more useful and empowers the harassed person who set the block. Rendering the comment unconditionally empowers the harasser.


Karthikeyan A K Sat 31 Dec 2016 4:40PM

great feature


Max Strube Sat 31 Dec 2016 6:10PM

Assuming that a user is on the ignore list and his/her comments are not visible anymore in the comment section of a post: If other comments or even a sequence of comments refer to the (invisible) comment(s) of the blocked user, will the discussion as a whole still be readable/meaningful when parts of the discussion are missing? (In case of a troll or bully, it is very unlikely though, that the discussion is of any value anyhow, but invisible comments might affect the quality of "normal" discussions.)


bobi Sat 31 Dec 2016 7:05PM

Hmm. Isn't blocking objectionable users the cause of facebook's echo chamber that i'm trying to escape from? Greying out maybe (serves as a flag). I do agree that trolls, who might be paid or state sponsored, ruin it for everyone and would agree to a banish if enough agree to the troll designation. How about shunting folks who earn troll points to a 'school' section so mods/users can help them understand their sin before they get banned?

But going back to the original question - why not just go to facebook where you get exactly what you want?

I'm concerned that in your desire to eliminate racists, you want to outlaw the person you consider a bigot to challenge your beliefs. Maybe 'racist' is a mislabel or inappropriate designation but YOU are too narrow minded to see that. Even if you conflate racism with Islamophobia (not da same ting), that person should be allowed to challenge your beliefs - there ARE some grounds for reasonable concern. Only if the convo becomes 'stuck' or insulting should some system intervene.


Juan Santiago Sun 1 Jan 2017 4:04PM

You have not understood anything, the matter it is not Diaspora* exercises censorship as facebook style, the deal it is the absolute sovereignty of each user on his timeline.

Postscript, facebook users complain that they see comments from users who have blocked.

Sorry about my English.


Chris Sun 1 Jan 2017 4:50PM

@mstrube yeah, it might be best if ignored comments are greyed out. It might get confusing if people are responding to something that you yourself cannot see.

@bobi, this will not create an echo chamber for you if you decide not to ignore comments from certain users.

How about shunting folks who earn troll points to a 'school' section so mods/users can help them understand their sin before they get banned?

Firstly, because that lays undo burden upon the podmin, or some other person to be somehow delegated to that task, to repeatedly expend personal energy every single time a troll comes to town. In other words, that is a governmental process, and it sort of fucks with the quasi-horizontal nature of Diaspora*.

Second, No one is even talking about banning anyone from the network. We are talking about users having the ability to remove certain people from their own view (and no one else's), at the user's discretion.

My refusal to read a piece of text is not censorship. If I refuse to let you read a piece of text, that is censorship.


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Users should have the option, when ignoring a user, to ignore their comments on other users' posts as well. When you want to 'ignore' a user, you should be able to ignore a user.


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I agree with this proposal. (First vote here on loomio!)